Lowtemp Artist Dreamers Delight is the Inspiration You’ve Been Looking For

written by Ariana Assaf & Connor McAuliffe

Santa Barbara-based producer Dreamers Delight, aka Reed Krafft, has a lot to be excited about. His second EP entitled Lucid Anatomy is out today on Gramatik’s Lowtemp label, and he’s celebrating tomorrow with a performance in New York City’s Playstation Theater with Lettuce and The Floozies. We caught up with him between the release date and his last show at The Roxy in Los Angeles with Manic Focus to learn about his debut at Electric Forest, his work with Break Science, Bass Physics, and Sound Remedy, and just how not new he is to the music industry. Read on, and be sure to give Lucid Anatomy a listen below!

FS: Your bio says you worked in the industry before starting Dreamers Delight, what did you do?

DD: I was working with a developing artist that was signed under Universal Republic Records for about two and a half years. I was doing some photo/video work, helping out with lighting and general production. Being in that scene, that part of the industry is where a lot of money is involved and working in that side of things gave me a good outlook of how the industry works in general. The electronic scene is a little bit different, people are more humble and down to earth.”

FS: So you weren’t working with electronic artists?

DD: No, they were pop/R&B, a lot more mainstream where you’d get a lot of radio play working with a larger label. Universal Republic is one of the top selling labels, it’s lot different than say Monstercat or a more underground electronic label.

FS: How did you get hooked up with Lowtemp? How has that experience been?

DD: Last year when I finished my Awake EP we reached out to a couple labels and Lowtemp was one of the first ones we reached out to. We almost heard an immediate response back from them saying they really liked it and wanted to work with us. I’ve been working with them for the past year and it’s been great. We always release our music for free. [Gramatik] always helps support our music, he’s created a label that’s distinguished in it’s own realm. It’s all about free music for the people, that’s my favorite part about it.  You can still pay for it, but we always make our music available for free.

FS: What are your plans for next year? Any festivals in particular you’re hoping to hit?

DD: My EP comes out this Friday, and I’ll release one or two singles before the end of the year. Next year we’re bringing out a lot more production for shows. In terms of festivals, we’re trying to hop on as many as we can and make our rounds. We don’t have confirmation on a lot of it yet so we can’t talk about it yet, but everything next year is going to be another step up from this year. I’ve got some collaborations with some artists that I really admired before I started making music, so it’s really cool to be able to work with them.”

FS: You made your live debut at Electric Forest 2015, what are your thoughts on the festival as an artist and as an attendee?

DD: This was my fifth Forest. I started going before I even started making music, and I feel like it was one of my inspirations, so it was really cool to be able to go there and play and be on the back end of it. I’ve been there as a regular festival goer and fan, and it’s really exciting to be able to play at my favorite music festival. I definitely recommend that everyone does the Forest, or at least tries to.

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