5 Ways To Prepare for Decadence NYE Colorado

written by Mia Nissen

Decadence can be defined as “excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.” And, as the crazy rollercoaster that is 2016 comes to a close, how else would you want to end the year?

Global Dance has curated yet another jam-packed Decadence NYE celebration.  For two nights, December 30th and 31st, guests are welcomed into Denver’s Colorado Convention Center to dance away this year and start the next in the most glamorous way possible.  Tickets for the event are moving quickly- so if you are choosing to indulge, it would be wise to act soon. Tickets are available here. If you have already purchased your ticket into the City of Dreams, here are some helpful tips to make this Decadence the best one yet.

  1.    Organize a ride beforehand.

It is New Years, so the entire world will be utilizing Uber. Whether you cannot successfully hail a driver, or the surge prices are through the roof, this may not be the occasion to rely on a rideshare service. If you have a family member or friend who chose to remain sober for the holiday, ask them to help you out! You may think you are hassling them, but anyone who cares about you would rather see you make it home safely and quickly.  (Promising to buy them dinner to repay their efforts has never hurt either.) Trust me, you do not want to be stranded at the convention center as the doors are getting locked.

  1.     Dress To Impress

Perhaps the best part of celebrating New Years is picking out that fabulous outfit that you want to make some of your favorite memories in. The key is balancing functionality with fun and glitz with glamour. There are very few days of the year sequins and metallic are dress code, so do it up!  I repeat: this is not the event to blend in.  Stuck? Sea Dragon Studio, MiGente Clothing, and Little Black Diamond are great shops to fill your NYE needs.  And, since the venue is inside, you can get away with showing some skin- but bring a coat!

  1. Drastic Temperature Differences

Being inside the cozy confines of the Colorado Convention Center provides an instant refuge from the frigid Denver temperatures. While a coat may totally kill your vibe- bring it. Yes, coat check is not what you want to endure at 2AM after exhausting your bones from dancing to Disclosure- but as long as you have a friend who is willing and able to brave the line with you, you will make it out alive and grateful.

  1.       Pace Yourself

New Year’s Eve and popping bottles are a timeless duo. It really isn’t a decadent night if you didn’t have a bottle or two of champagne for the pregame. I am not the one to tell you to stick to a budget or forego the cocktails, but I will tell you to pace yourself.  What does that mean? Most importantly, drink water. You may get tired of hearing it, but a camelback will be your best friend for this event.  There are free water stations, and it can be a pain trying to keep your squad together if everyone keeps making trips. Do not forget to bring your vitamins, granola bars, and coconut water along so you aren’t dragging your feet on Day 2.  It is also crucial to come in with a fully charged cell phone and stay off of it as much as possible. You don’t want to end the night separated from friends with no way to reach them.

  1.    See it All

Decadence packs their lineup every year and I, along with thousands of others, just can’t get enough. Chances are one of your favorite artists will be at the NYE festival this year, which means you would be devastated if you missed their set. Personally, I am more than ready for Flume’s return to Colorado and will make sure I am present for every second of his set. Regardless of your taste, there are so many talented artists that will be at Decadence that it is important to have some semblance of a plan made to catch your favorites, or you will regret it.  Even if you have to breakaway from your crew to catch an artist, do it, and come up with a meeting spot for after. Decadence NYE offers so much for attendees, so make sure you experience as much as possible.


Is Colorado too far of a journey for you? Check out the lineup for Decadence NYE in Arizona.

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