Ookay Explores New, Softer Sounds on “Cocoon” EP

written by Ariana Assaf

By now, you’re probably familiar with the wailing saxaphone tune that became a defining track of the summer. Ookay’s “Thief”, featuring The Sexy Sax Man, dropped in March to high acclaim, and the accompanying music video created in response to the shooting at Pulse in Orlando gave the song an even stronger ability to serve as a comment on today’s cultural climate.

Yesterday, Ookay released his third EP Cocoon, a five-track work that is sure to bolster the artist’s voice in the industry just as much (if not more) than “Thief.”

Cocoon starts off with the slow, somber “Back Again”, a tribute to the late Big Makk, moving into the house-y “Long Time” and ultra house-y “New Jack Swing.” “Sure” reflects a similarly sweet songwriting quality as “Back Again”, and the EP rounds out with the upbeat “Bring It Back”, arguably the only song that taps in to Ookay’s early trap-heavy sounds.

Cocoon serves as wonderful exploration of Ookay’s style, a journey that I’ve personally found a delight to experience. Give it a listen below to join the fun, and be sure to keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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