Is Okeechobee Music Festival Canceled in 2017?

photo by Don Idio 

This past Thursday, Okee fans were shocked at the news of OMF’s founders resigning after just one year of the fest. Steve Sybesma and Paul Peck both have resigned from the company due to apparent “philosophical differences.” The two plan to continue in the festival industry, but apart from Okeechobee.

This news poses the question, “Is Okeechobee 2017 canceled?”. No (deep sigh). The Okeechobee Music Festival twitter page has addressed several tweets concerning the festivals end with replies like “OMF is here to stay,” “We’re not going anywhere!” With the confirmation that this fest isn’t out of the picture, the only thing OMF fans seem to be worried about now is when the lineup is going to be released (and I can’t blame them).

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