What Do I Get if I Win The Halloween Giveaway? [Giveaway Ends in 4 days!]

We know that we haven’t given you a ton of details on our incredible Halloween Giveaway, but we are now ready to share it all. Festival Squad will celebrate its 1st birthday over Halloween weekend, and we thought it would be best to celebrate with prizes. SIX lucky winners will be chosen and mailed their items by October 21st, making it just in time for Halloween!


We have paired with 5 awesome vendors to build some fabulous prizes. So who are these guys anyway?




Sea Dragon Studio is helping us by giving us our GRAND PRIZE, aka a fabulous costume! For three years, Sea Dragon Studio has been a well known brand in the festival community, bringing shiny pants and glittery body suits to the fashion scene. We are giving away a full body suit with matching gloves and legwarmers to provide one lucky reader with a space girl outfit for the weekend to rock. Want to stay connected to Sea Dragon? Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Fun fact about Sea Dragon Studio: IT’S THE SKIN YOU WERE MADE TO DANCE IN!



Stephan And Co. Accessories specializes in costume jewelry that is perfect for the festival goer. With Boho influences and chunky statement necklaces, this is the perfect company to work with in order to add to our grand prize, and to create four incredible first prize gift boxes. Too anxious to wait for the winner? Feel free to do some shopping on the Stephan And Co. website, stay connected with them on Facebook and Instagram!
Fun fact about Stephan And Co.: They’ve been in the jewelry industry since 1994!



Electricia Fox Designs is currently a one woman power house who is hand making her incredible sunglasses for festival goers across the country. Her sunglasses are impeccable quality, making them truly stand out amongst the crowd as they are one of a kind. Electricia Fox Designs has donated four handmade, top quality sunglasses for our lucky readers. Stay connected with this fabulous designer on Instagram, and be sure to keep an eye on Etsy when her store becomes live.
Fun fact about Electricia Fox Designs: She has been in business for less than a year, but has been selling her sunglasses like crazy since her designs are so unique. 


Rainbow Duchesse is custom made shop with its two designers based out of Chicago, IL. These two designers have come together for the past 7 years to bring the festival and rave community the most exciting and unique ensembles. To add to our giveaway for 2nd prize, the founder is hand making an Evil Queen accessory set for one lucky reader (shown on the left)! Stay connected with Rainbow Duchesse on Instagram and be sure to favorite their shop on Etsy!
Fun fact about your Rainbow Duchesse: Duchesse is a type of satin! 



Last but certainly not least, Festival Squad has paired up with its favorite festival attendee, The Festival Guy in order to provide you with the best hangover relief on the market! The Festival Better Patch  is a small square patch that you place on your arm after a long day at a festival. It releases B1 and will get you to wake up after a long night of dancing and ready for round 2! Each giveaway box will have a nice stack of these to keep or share. Stay connected with The Festival Guy and his Festival Better Patch on Instagram and Facebook!

Fun fact about Festival Better Patch: This patch was founded by Tucker Gumber aka The Festival Guy after surviving through two B2B weekends at Coachella this year!



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