Slushii Remixed The Chainsmoker’s “Closer” and It’s So Pretty

written by Ariana Assaf

It’s finally happening. Electronic music’s catchiest song to date is getting remixed by the best of them, including my favorite green-haired friend Slushii. From what I can tell, he’s having a blast playing around with various styles; the remix is characterized by a slow, march-like tempo that lets the vocals shine through—way different than the crazy dub/trap set he threw down at Space Yacht in LA a few weeks ago. It’s hard to follow why (and when) Slushii will make the stylistic choices that are keeping us all on our toes, but boy am I having fun connecting the dots. Listen below, and don’t even think about not singing along. If your life is anything like mine, you might be driving around and pull up next to some random dude who will sing along with you. If your life is mine, he’ll be in a Range Rover.

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