Lights, Camera, Dallas: Why NYE is Bigger in Texas

written by Daniel Smith 

New Year’s Eve. It is almost always an interesting adventure if you’re willing to let go and accept the course of the festivities. Lights All Night in Dallas, Texas provides an exceptional environment for ending the year while starting a new one. The two night festival brings well renowned artists to multiple stages with Aurora Borealis like light visuals sprouting from numerous screens. It is an experience sure to leave mental images and beats pin-balling through one’s mind.

In past years attendees have been pampered by the talents of artists like Zeds Dead, ODESZA, Big Gigantic, Kaskade and so on. This year’s lineup will also deliver various talented artists of different categories. Diverse forms of house music from Above & Beyond, Zedd, and Deadmau5. Alongside some hip-hop and trap from A$AP Ferg, RL Grime, and A-Trak. To straight up dubstep by Kill the Noise, 12th Planet, and Feed Me. The festival is said to have 30 plus artists performing over the two night event. Those are just a few artists in the lineup to vibrate the auditory canal.

As for the venue itself, it provides multiple outlets of entertainment. Lights are beaming from wall to wall. The high ceilings are equipped with exclusive decorations opposed to a plain roof. None of the screens are quite as gargantuan as the Dallas Cowboys Jumbotron down the street, but they are large enough and visible to the crowd from front to back. The venue provides enormous LED screens displaying odd visuals and light shows harmonizing with the music of each artist. You may find yourself staring at screens the majority of a set rather than actually looking at the performers.

Who can forget about who makes this epic event all possible each year? The fans. I’m sure there are numerous fans dedicated to attending Lights All Night multiple or consecutive years. However, LAN sees thousands of new faces each year. It is an inside festival, but it is still a festival. With encouragement from the festival creators to be unique, attendees come dressed in their finest festival fatigues ready to get down. Beads, headbands, candy, bandanas, hater blockers, tank tops, onesies, you name it. If you believe you have seen all festival gear, be on the lookout. Surely you may see something new to your eyes.

What better way to wrap up another great festival season than to be sweaty and dancing at another festival. When the confetti drops it will be like a new age tar and feathering, except enjoyable. So get ready for the bass. Connecting with strangers and forming unity. Smiling and having one of the best times of your life. Be there. Lights All Night.

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