Itinerary Part II: Pretty Lights Live in Chicago

written by Νίκο Απέργης

My plans for Day 1 of this episodic festival experience, outlined here, include taking in the gorgeous views on Northerly Island to the sounds of Statik, Sunsquabi, Manic Focus, and the man himself, Pretty Lights. Here’s what I’ll be up to on Day 2, grab your tickets here and join me!

9/24 – 6:00pm

Let the music make your mouth beat as Cofresi enters the cypher and we leave the Matrix (watch the drums!)

9/24 – 7:00pm

Find out that chaos can be glorious and confusion your best friend when you attempt to anticipate the next note coming from the notorious G Jones rig, only to be continuously flabbergasted and surprised.

9/24 – 8:00pm

Find the energy to climb Mt. Everest, breach the atmosphere, and transcend the physical realm as The Grouch and Eligh team up to explode your brain, inwardly. (Implode? Naw, explode inwardly) and ascend into the space directly above your body as Dave Tipper’s Twilight Set forces the sun of expectations to set, raising up a moon of genius with soup of serotonin and spring vegetables. To be paired with… well…

9/24 – 10:00pm

Smile wide enough to embarrass your parents in candid photos as Derek and Borahm-Key-Master and the whole group funk up the path to sweet salvation. Descend from Cloud 9 with Second Breakfast Beer, and a buzzing sense of satisfaction and inspiration.

9/24 – 10:01pm

Inform all non-attending friends of their mistake and drink their tears of regret. (optional)


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