Festival Fashionista: Paris Sinclair

interview by Mia Nissen

Give a woman an outfit, and you dress her for a day. Teach her to sew, and you give her the ability to create for a lifetime. Paris Sinclair, a Phoenix and Los Angeles based model, creator, and festival-goer is our debut Festival Fashionista because her confidence and creativity shine through every unique ensemble she puts together. Read on to get the low down on Paris’ creative process, signature style, and tips to bring out your inner festival fashionista.

FS: Festival Squad

PS : Paris Sinclair

Paris Sinclair

FS: Can you pinpoint when your love of fashion came about?

PS: I’ve always had a love for fashion; however, I believe my unique style began coming out more so in college when I had the chance to be more expressive with it. What I love the most is that I’m able to create what I want to wear!


FS: What would you describe your signature festival look as?

PS: Every festival I attend, I make sure to channel my divine feminine and choose a “goddess” type look, usually with flowy garments, facial gems, a crazy braided hairstyle, and platform boots. It’s become my signature look, and you’ll always see me wearing a lot of darker colors!



FS:  What goes into your outfit planning process before a big festival weekend?

PS: I envision what I think would work best for that certain type of festival; I like to choose my outfits based on the vibes of the event. I choose day to day themes and create outfits that match each one of them. Lots and lots of caffeine ‘cause I tend to be a procrastinator!


FS: Tell us how your creative endeavor FunkadelicFurz came to life.

PS:I created a faux fur coat for myself for a New Years Eve event a couple years ago. Many of my friends loved it and asked me to make them one. Eventually business grew, and now I make faux furs for many funky festival goers! I have so much fun doing it! And, each coat is individually unique with secret  pockets.


Keep an eye on Paris’ beautiful and cruelty-free FunkadelicFurz creations here.

FS: Why do you believe fashion is important?

PS: I think fashion is a beautiful platform for creative expression. It allows us to portray our individuality as people and make statements that say “Hey, it’s okay to look and be different. As long as it makes you feel good, wear what you want!”

FS: What advice do you have for the festival fashionista on a budget?

PS: Pick outfits that make your soul sing- those are the ones truly worth buying and saving for. There are many websites and little boutiques out there that offer unique clothing at affordable costs.


FS: What is one of your go to places for finding steals and deals?

PS: I personally love to check Etsy for unique finds at a pretty low cost. Not only will you find some good deals but you’re also supporting a local artist, which means you’re supporting a dream!


FS: Which festival do you think brings out the most stylish attendees?

PS: I personally LOVE the amazing out of this world costumes and outfits that the people of Burning Man have. It’s so futuristic and unique, you will definitely see the most creatively dressed people there!


FS: Where are you headed to next?

PS: I just returned from Symbiosis, next is Dirtybird Campout!

To keep up with Paris’ festival adventures and see what she’ll be rocking next, follow her on Instagram at @parissinclair.


All photos featured are from Paris’ Instagram account.


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