Dim Mak’s 20th Anniversary Party in Arizona Closed Summer Perfectly

written by Sal Scot

Closing out summer, the Release Pool Parties flexed its muscles. This party brought out the big guns with Steve Aoki and DimMak crashing Talking Stick Resor;t pumping out a stacked line up for their 20th anniversary tour. The fast lines sped partiers right to a giant stage as Caked Up started to pack the decks with the first group of hardcore fans. Having little downtime between getting hit by the bass, the pool became just a backdrop. Aoki pressed the crowd till dusk pulling up people, and lining his stage as the concert became a variable mosh pit of beach balls, inner tubes, and crowd floating girls heading towards their messiah.
With amazing weather, ample cabanas, and chairs the new patio bar brought a great end the summer. Steve Aoki and the rest of DimMak saw their chance to rock Arizona and packed the day with an anniversary tour fit to end the summer right. The only thing now is to remember getting fit for next year.

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