“Beyond The Flat Earth” & Other Workshops You Can’t Miss at Symbiosis

by Stephanie Rosa

Photo by Sage Thomas for Festival Squad

Symbiosis is finally here, and I am getting more and more excited at the opportunity to learn more than anything else. This year, the speakshops are filled with incredible talks by a variety of experts on a huge variety of topics. Below are some of the workshops that I think will be most interesting and worthwhile to attend.


2:30pm at The Parlor: Fest Law 101 presented by The Festival Lawyer Cameron Bowman

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Cameron Bowman will spend an hour discussing your rights as a festie, what happens if you get stopped by a police officer and will offer a full Q&A session.

3:45pm at The Parlor: Common Sense: Harm Reduction Tips For Everyone presented by The Teafaerie

Looking to make a smaller eco footprint while festing, or in general? This is the workshop for you.

7:45pm at The Parlor: Beyond The Flat Earth presented by Kumare and Bruce Damer

Flat Earth societies. Yes, they’re real, and yes there is a movement by individuals who believe our Earth really is flat. Come explore this topic and reevaluate what you know in this judgement-free workshop.



4:45pm at The Parlor: Sex, Love & Cacao presented by Brian Wallace

This unique workshop will conclude with a chocolate tasting mediation… sounds delicious!

6pm at The Parlor: Beyond Sacred Activism: Spirituality, Social Change and Living In The Anthroposcene  presented by Alnoor Ladha

Deep dive into several shifts in modern day society and learn how to understand spirituality in our ever shifting world.



5:30pm at The Hub: Shitters, Festivals & Transformation presented by Tyler Hanson

Explore everything that involves producing a festival by getting to know the ins and outs… all the way down to renting out toilets!


Don’t have tickets? No need to fear! You can still grab them here.


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