30 Photos from Symbiosis That Will Make You Want to Attend in 2017

All photos by Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny Photography

Symbiosis Gathering is a transformation event held in Oakdale, CA. In 2017 they have some surprises as the festival prepares to move to Oregon for a perfect view of an eclipse. This gathering prides itself on its art, consciousness & a diverse mix of attendees. Check out the photos below to see what you may have missed.

symbiosis2016_0923_1618-jlb symbiosis2016_0923_1903-jlb symbiosis2016_0923_2043-jlb symbiosis2016_0923_2295-jlb symbiosis2016_0923_2472-jlb symbiosis2016_0923_2816-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_3120-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_3497-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_3885-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_3912-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_4000-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_4045-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_4099-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_4202-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_4237-jlb symbiosis2016_0924_4834-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_4935-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_4955-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_4976-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_5146-jlb-3 symbiosis2016_0925_5207-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_5619-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_5641-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_5951-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_6178-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_6417-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_6518-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_6747-jlb symbiosis2016_0925_7048-jlb

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