Viva Life Is Beautiful!

written by Mara Manella

We’re less than a month away from the OTHER incredible Las Vegas festival that brings together music fans of all types. As we prepare to dance through the streets of downtown, let’s take a look at how this trip to Vegas is about as far from The Hangover as you can get.


You won’t find many Elvis impersonators or crooning lounge acts here. This year’s lineup features powerhouses like Mumford & Sons and Flume alongside innovative beatmasters like Kaytranada, Ghastly and Seven Lions. A tour of the stages could take you from up and coming alt rock to filthy dubstep to sultry R&B. Pack comfy shoes because you’re going to want to cover every inch of this musical utopia. With such a large footprint and expertly constructed stages, Life Is Beautiful delivers on its promise to captivate every festival goer.


Think less Caesars Palace statues and more flame-shooting praying mantis. Life Is Beautiful does an incredible job of spotlighting the pre-existing art of downtown Las Vegas—like vintage neon signs from long-gone casinos—and adding their own personal touch. Massive new murals are painted every year leading up to the festival which serve as stellar works of public art (and selfie backdrops) for years to come. There’s even art being created right before your eyes, with live painting and interactive experiences at every turn.


Don’t fall victim to the 99 cent margaritas and all you can eat buffets of Sin City; Life Is Beautiful provides attendees with the finest of festival foods. Gourmet food trucks are scattered throughout, offering everything from delicious street tacos to sliders topped with mashed potatoes (trust me on this one). Past Culinary Village setups featured award-winning chefs like Carla Pellegrino and Nobu Matsuhisa. Plus, specialty cocktails and craft beers are in no short supply in this desert where the thirst is real.


Most trips to Vegas don’t provide much in the way of intelligent conversations, but that all changes at Life Is Beautiful. Featuring speakers from all over the nation, you can pull up a seat and hear from people who are influencing change, sparking creativity, or sharing their legacy. Past speakers include scientist Bill Nye (YES!), actress and activist Rosario Dawson, and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Head back out into the festival city blocks feeling not only cooler (most speaking engagements take place in AC, major key) but quite enlightened.

Life Is Beautiful is Las Vegas like you’ve never seen it. The festival has evolved into an event that truly provides something for everyone. Take it from a local, this event is the true heart of the city for three days in September. Don’t worry, the yard drinks, roller coasters and slot machines will be there for you next time around.

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