Looking Forward to the Sparkliness of EDC Orlando

written by Alyssa DiCaterino

EDC is coming to Tinker Field in Orlando this November, and while past Insomniac events give me confidence that the lineup will be solid once released, there’s something I’m looking forward to even more…the outfits.

The music will be crazy of course, but I really decided to attend because it looks like a mad time and too much fun to dress for. When it comes to EDC outfits, it’s almost impossible to be the wackiest looking one in the crowd, so don’t be afraid to really go for it. The more flashy, neon, sparkly, extraterrestrial-looking your clothes (or lack thereof) are, the better. A few must haves for this two-day fest: metallic spandex, body suits, glammed up bras, and just about anything that can light up or glow in the dark. Accessories are just as important when it comes to the completing EDC look: think LED hula hoops, inflatables, crazy headdresses, tutus, and arms full of kandi.

Any raver knows that kandi is one of the most fun and interactive parts of dressing up. Anything that resembles a friendship bracelet brings about a quality of nostalgia, but when you’re holding hands with complete strangers to trade some of that plastic bling, you’re creating a lasting impression on someone you just met. And if EDC isn’t about making memories—and looking fabulous while doing so—I don’t know what is.

We pulled a few pictures from EDC Orlando’s Facebook page to give you a few ideas…






This is an 18+ event for GA and 21+ for VIP. Tickets start at $159 for GA tickets and $289 for VIP. Get your tickets here before the price goes up and/or they sell out!

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