Fractal Marks and Making the World a Better Place

written by Ariana Assaf

Ever wonder about those amazing vendors at your favorite festivals? How did they get there, what’s the concept behind what they’re selling, how can you engage with them after the festival fun is over? Introducing Anders Gustavsson, creator and founder of jewelry/lifestyle brand Fractal Marks.

Anders has been an entrepreneur since the age of 18, and has been fortunate enough to pin down a truly meaningful purpose in life thanks to a variety of business ventures. His most recent endeavor, Fractal Marks, was created in response to two main identified issues: the media’s intense focus on global issues rather than social, relational, or personal issues, and an undervaluing of artists.

“If we want to solve big, global issues, we actually first have to look personally and figure out what we need to do to make ourselves better people,” Anders says.

“We have to work on ourselves, and as we work on ourselves and figure out our own personal stuff, our relationships will get better. And as our relationships get better, our society gets better, and then we together will be able to solve those big global issues.”

be remarkable

Anders strongly believes that because the world’s artists are our most creative people, they are vital to solving such global issues. “We need a lot of creativity to figure out the things we messed up on over time,” he says. “I find that most people want to support artists, but they don’t always know how. Fractal Marks is one way that they can do that, one way that they help heal things that they might be working on personally as well.”

Fractal Marks is made up by a symbolic library of 444 unique symbols, each created by a different artist and each with its own specific intention. “The symbols are designed to inspire people to learn things about themselves, and activate them to keep working on whatever it is they’re working on.” Company values of inspiration and gifting contribute to the “remarkable” Fractal Marks ethos, meant to activate people to learn more about themselves.

“It all comes back to my life purpose, which is basically to inspire you to discover and activate your life’s purpose,” Anders says.


Collaboration is also an inherent element of the Fractal Marks experience. The Fractal Lounge—a stunning 26-foot dome with projection mapping on the outside and a cozy lounge on the inside—launched at this year’s Lucidity Music Festival. Inside the lounge, connectable pieces and all the necessary tools are provided for people to make their own jewelry, in collaboration with an artist who has already created a symbol. For smaller festivals (3,000 people or less), the Fractal Marks team can be easily spotted with their rad purple Cadillac limo, complete with a 16-foot aerial rig on top for performances.

“We believe that through inspiring people through art, performances, and all these other methods, we can open people, and that’s where we can empower them and figure out a collaboration,” Anders says. “The system is all designed around empowering people to step up in their own life, take action and do things themselves. Because they are powerful and capable and totally amazing humans.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.52.56 pm

The Fractal Marks concept has been in test mode for about eight months, and is growing quickly. Artists from all over the US, Mexico, Sweden, and Spain have already gotten involved, and more are invited to participate by signing up on the brand’s recently launched website. On expansion, Anders says, “We’re totally looking for more artists to come on board, more experienced advisors, and people who just want to create more environments with us, more magic on whatever level. We’re looking for a sales team to help us get in to more retail outlets, we’re looking for writers who are inspired by this and who want to interview our artists that we have involved. We’re looking for more tech support…overall, we’re a startup. We’ve proven the model and we’re ready to scale, so we’re looking for more passionate people to partner up.”

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