Where In The World is The Festival Guy?

written by Mia Nissen

Some of us annually make the trek to Michigan to explore the depths of the Electric Forest. Some of us choose to deepen our sense of self-awareness at Lightning in a Bottle.  Others take the yearly opportunity to learn what it means to be truly self-sufficient at Burning Man. The luckiest of us do it all. And do it damn well.

Meet The Festival Guy. One of those Lucky Ones.

Chances are if festivals have become a pivotal part of your life, you have heard about or partied with The Festival Guy.  The Festival Guy, Tucker Gumber, recently hit his 100 festival mark: an achievement that took optimism, dedication, and perseverance. The Festival Guy has also established himself as a serial entrepreneur in the festival community. Tucker has taken up endeavors to make partying hard risk-free, getting to where you need to be simpler, and informing others on how to create better.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 1.15.09 pm

I recently received the opportunity to meet with Tucker over coffee and pastries in his hometown of Palisade, Colorado to talk about where he’s been, where he is, and where he’s going. Listen to the podcast below to hear all about his business ventures, commitment to the environment, and one-of-a-kind friendship with GRiZ.

Pro-tip: do not throw trash on the ground if Tucker is anywhere in the vicinity. You have been warned.

Follow the Festival Guy on Snapchat to keep up with all of his adventures.
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