Thank You, Disclosure, For Lessening My Lolla Fomo

written by Ariana Assaf

This weekend, social media is my enemy. Posts go from rants about the DNC to #teamnosleep-captioned pictures from Lollapalooza and back again, and I’m really not a fan of either. So instead of paying all that much attention, I’m holding on to memories from Thursday night when Disclosure treated an intimate audience to some deliciously deep house tunes.

About two weeks ago, Disclosure announced that instead of a live set in the main room of Detroit’s Masonic Temple, they’d be performing a DJ set in the smaller Fountain Ballroom due to logistical issues. Activity on the Facebook event page suggests that this change had its consequences, and while it may have taken a little longer than usual for the crowd to really get going, we were all sweat and smiles by the end of the night.

Here’s the thing about Disclosure’s show: it wasn’t that different from what I can typically get my hands on. There was a good crowd and good music—perhaps with an added UK garage flair—and it was easy to enjoy. I didn’t have to think about the stupid DCN or stupid Lollapalooza (in case you haven’t figured it out, it’s only stupid because I’m not there and I’m salty about it), and the only tension in the room came from build ups and slow releases in the music.

Hearing a few Disclosure originals like “Magnets” or “Omen” or “Latch”  was extra special because for once, it was Disclosure playing them, it’s just that I’ll probably hear those same songs next weekend too. All I was really hoping for was the opportunity to drag two of my favorite festie friends out to a dance party with me; the fact that Disclosure headlined the whole affair was icing on the cake since they’re usually too busy running around Europe for us statesiders to catch them.

It wasn’t until the very end of the night that the duo demonstrated how truly good they are at DJing. The success of “Magnets” and “Omen” and “Latch” are a testament to their producing abilities, but picking Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” out of whatever collection they were scrolling through to close out the night was pretty much the best thing they could have done. Lessening my Lolla blues is just another reason I’m happy they passed through. Disclosure, Detroit hopes to see you soon.

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