Buzzing Off Vitamin C Will Set You Free

written by Austin Eames

photo by Sage Thomas

We’ve all been told time and time again about the powersand sometimes wondersof vitamin C, but how many of us remember to bring it to festivals? Vitamin C has been reported to enhance the immune system, detoxify the liver, combat brain fog, and enhance energy. This guide will help you as you pack your bags for your next adventure, with what I believe to be the best of the best when it comes to power nutrients.

Fruits: The mood booster

The obvious: citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes…I could go on…not only have high levels of naturally occurring vitamin C, but they also contain bioflavonoids, which are compounds that enhance the absorption of vitamin C. They’ll boost your mood thanks to nutritional content, and you may even tantalized enough by the added zest to twist the juice and rind into your favorite festival beverage.

Superfoods: The anti-depressant & immunity booster

Superfoods are hot in the health industry, and we’ve got two fruits to tell you about that’ll help you rock harder than ever. Out of the Amazon and popular amongst health advocates Camu Camu, containing the highest vitamin C of any fruit known. It can be purchased in pure powdered form and contains more than 400% daily value of vitamin C per 1/2 teaspoon. Its mega strength anti-oxidant levels boost immunity and can balance your mood, acting as a safe and effective antidepressant. It also supports optimum nervous system and brain functioning, acts as an anti-viral, and eases arthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties. Camu Camu provides a shield of protection against the common cold, flu, and has even been known to treat all forms of herpes. It mixes easily in juice, smoothies, water or can be taken in a capsule.

(Acerola) Cherries: The relaxer

Acerola Cherry and Health Force Nutritionals Vitamin C provides the best quality I have yet to test. This powder is not as sour as Camu Camu, making it  a better mixer with almost as much vitamin C as its competitor from the Amazon. Acerola Cherry also contains ample amounts of Vitamin A and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and folate. These minerals, especially magnesium, help with relaxation, and can help get some much-needed rest at the end of a long day of festing. Health Force Nutritionals has other incredible products that can amplify your health and supercharge your festival experience, check em out!

Liposomal: The mental cleanser & muscle relaxer

My final recommendation is a revolutionary product called Liposomal Vitamin C. It can be difficult to raise/maintain vitamin C levels before it’s used up, but liposomal formulas protect vitamins with essential phospholipids, preventing the nutrient from degrading during digestion. Remarkably, liposomal formulas have also been shown to be more effective than injections of vitamins. I have personally used up to five packets in a day, and the effects are incredibly noticeable. Not only is this great for immunity and detox, but I’ve found it to be stellar for mental clarity and easing sore muscles. Liposomal products offer a way to rejuvenating a malnourished body with haste. Interested in learning more, click here.

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