Interview: SubOctave Co-Owner Discusses What Separates the Festival from the Rest

written by Austin Allen

Houston, Minnesota will be melting to the sounds of multiple filth artists during the weekend of July 22. A lineup featuring Minnesota B2B G Jones, Ill Gates vs. KJ Sawka, Space Jesus, Psymbionic, special guests Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics shows impressive progress for the two-year-old SubOctave Music Festival. We had the chance to go behind-the-scenes and talk with organizer Adam Boothe about what SubOctave brings to the festival landscape, and what attendees can expect from their experience. Read on, and get pumped!


Festival Squad: What do you believe separates SubOctave from the rest of the festivals this summer?

Adam Boothe: There are so many festivals now, it’s tough to even keep track of them all! Very few music festivals are as independently owned and operated as SubOctave. Every aspect of the festival, from talent booking, to building the water stations, is done by a close group of friends and loved ones. It’s a family affair and we want every person that comes to SubOctave to experience that oneness.

FS: A music festival by the people, for the people. You’ve also done a lot to accommodate for the hassles that common “festival-goers” face at events, right? What do you believe are the most helpful things SubOctave does?

AB: SubOctave offers an intimate venue, and a lineup that is far larger and more talented than any festival of this size. Everything is included with the ticket price. There’s no tricks or “nickel & dime” fees once you’re there.

FS: What kind of variety can attendees expect when it comes to vendors both food and merchandise?

AB: Our merch vendors are some of the most popular and professional on the festival circuit. We have custom-made arts & crafts, artwork from some of the biggest names in the visual arts game, and all the festival and camping essentials. They’ll be glassware, apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

FS: And the food?

AB: Our food vending coordinator is a huge foodie! Our plan is to cover all the bases with offerings that we’ve tasted ourselves. They’ll be vegetarian options, gyros, pizza, bar food, and some surprises (think ice cream truck).

FS: Are there any kinds of workshops offered to those not listening to the music?

AB: We are fortunate enough to have the IllumIKnation Station providing our workshops, yoga, and movement activities. There will be learning opportunities and physical outlets from dawn to dusk!

FS: Wow, that’s awesome!

AB: They also are bringing a 20ft geodome as a workshop center and sanctuary.

FS: Is SubOctave fire flow friendly?

AB: Yes! We have several fire troupes scheduled to perform during artists’ sets and around the festival grounds throughout the weekend. But we ask any non-scheduled fire performers to please check with a staff or volunteer member before performing.

FS: If you can send one message out to your attendees, what would that be?

AB: People throw around the word “fam” a lot these days, but we really are a family of friends that put on SubOctave. It’s a small, close-knit group that simply wants to see people have fun, be free, and express themselves. It’s not our festival, it’s everyone’s festival.

FS: And to the new comers?

AB: There’s a lot of choices out there for festivals, but not many that put each and every participant’s enjoyment above all else. SubOctave does. There isn’t a lineup this big for a festival this limited and intimate in the entire country. Come take part in SubOctave!


SubOctave is a camping festival started by Brendan Leis and Adam Boothe, offering grassy pastures and enough trees for everyone to find shade under. With GA-only organization, we suggest arriving early to secure your desired spot on Outback Ranch. Both car camping and walk-in camping are available. Car campers must register in advance; stay tuned for related announcements on SubOctave’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. We can’t wait to dance the weekend away with the SubOctave family…see you there!

Grab your tickets HERE!

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