Five Reasons to Catch This Unique Funk Band at Sonic Bloom, Guitarfest and other Festivals This Summer

As a merch girl and concert photographer I’ve had the unique opportunity of going on tour with a few bands and getting to know them on a personal level so the music takes on a whole new meaning for me. But when you’re on the road for three weeks working shows almost every single night you better love the music and this band just kept getting better every time I heard them. So I’m here to give you the inside scoop on why to look for this act at upcoming festivals on your list this summer:

1. Something Different

Orgone brings classic funk vibes to a new level fitting seamlessly into various festival scenes alongside pop, electronic, folk, jazz and rock groups. Even if this isnt your go-to genre of music, it’s hard not to pick up the good vibes this band is putting down and why not change it up and listen to something new?

2. Pure Soul

Forget the days troubles and let the music lift your spirits. Life is full of challenges and difficult times and music can be very healing. The vocals from female-powerhouse, Adryon De’Leon are chilling down to the bone. The whole band is full of undeniable soul with a full body of sound including horns, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and keys. I often found that when I was on tour and sick or exhausted it was the music that would keep me going.


3. The Lyrics

The lyrics to many of Orgone’s original songs are positive and uplifting. They are easy to sing along to and don’t be surprised if you are encouraged to do so. Sure the music’s got to sound good but when you’re bopping along and realize you can resonate with the lyrics too that adds a whole other level of connection.

4. Keeps You On Your Toes

If you’ve seen this band before you know they’re quick to change it up with new sound and experimentation, unafraid to tread new territory. Be prepared to hear some new tunes at these shows, such as recently dropped single ‘Do What You Came To Do’, sure to be a new favorite.

5. Endless dance party

This band comes prepared to get the dance party going. It’s pretty impossible not to dance to this music or at least move your head to the beat. It’s a guarantee the band will be grooving it up on stage and it’s pretty infectious…. Not to mention fun to watch, from the intense “oh” faces the guitarist makes as he rips out a killer solo or the bouncing ‘fro of the drummer as he hammers out the beat, the whole show is a thrill to be a part of.

So basically what I’m saying is this is not an act to miss this summer. Check out their music here:

Upcoming festivals where you can find Orgone:

June 4th – Redwood Mountain Faire

June 5th – 40th Annual Summer Arts & Music Festival

June 12th – Beanstalk Music Festival

June 17th – Sonic Bloom

June 18th – Sante Fe Railyard Series

July 1st & 2nd – Rochester Jazz International Festival

July 28th – 31st – Guitarfish Music Festival

August 12th – 14th – For the Funk of It Music Festival

September 23 – 25 – Catskill Chill Music Festival


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