Detroit Love and Why Space Matters

Written by Evan Cudworth

Saturday, May 28th

11pm – ??
Masonic Temple
Facebook Event

I grew up in a suburb about 45 minutes west of Chicago, and spent my formative years as a cellist in training for conservatory. One of my favorite parts of being a young musician was the opportunity to play in grand halls and theaters. The acoustics and emotional past of these spaces combined to elevate the music itself. In all art, space matters.

That’s why I’m pretty darn excited to attend an afterparty for Movement Festival this weekend which takes place the world’s largest Masonic Temple.

Where better to enjoy the percussive minimalism and restraint of techno than a massive hall with incredible history during Detroit’s “techno week?” This is a chance to experience the Midwestern vibe that somehow encompasses the unique blend of sensible & silly; egalitarian & elite.

tshirts (photo 2)

Because while PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect) culture is not antithetical to Detroit techno, colors and the candy are superflouous. Techno is born from a love that need not speak its name. Can’t wait to go deep and dark with these legends. Hope to see some of you there! I’ll be the one in the black tank top.

If you’re looking for a proper warmup, here’s some of my favorite sets from the Detroit Love crew:

In Session: Carl Craig Detroit Love

Seth Troxler: Movement Detroit 2014

Dubfire Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Keith Kemp Detroit Webcast 2014:

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