The ABC’s of Blaze ‘N’ Glory

Written by Mia Nissen

The 2nd annual Blaze ‘N’ Glory festival will be held June 4th at San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA. Before you go, get to know your ABC’s:


A: Atmosphere.

The Blaze ‘N’ Glory lineup features several prominent headliners, and Atmosphere is no exception. The duo consisting of Ant (Producer) and Slug (Rapper) are skilled in the art of connecting with crowds of any and every size. Trailblazers of indie hip-hop, their funky beats and raw lyrics can have you reminiscing about a lost family member one minute and proclaiming your affection for your significant other the next.

B: Beer

Part of what makes Blaze ‘N’ Glory a festival to put on your list this summer is the accompanying carnival- complete with midway rides, food trucks and craft beer concession stands. Lagunitas Brewing Company based out of Petaluma, CA is the main beer sponsor for the event, and they know their beer. The Lagunitas IPA is a must-try for any beer aficionado.


C: Camping.

A unique feature of this one-day festival is that there is the option to camp for the weekend at Glen Helen Regional Park. The campgrounds offer 2 lakes, a pool, and picnic areas. Attendees have the option of arriving the Friday before the festival, and camping through Sunday. Any festival-goer knows that camping adds to the experience, so if you have a whole weekend to spare, why not?


Tickets for Blaze ‘N’Glory available here.


Get familiar with the lineup here:

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