SubOctave Music Festival Promises Back to Back Bass

Written by Austin Allen 

July 22nd – 24th the open skies of Outback Ranch in Houston, Minnesota will be filled with experimental dubstep and abstract noises. SubOctave Music Festival will be hosting an array of some of the strangest artists such as Buku, Random Rab, Space Jesus, Psymbionic, Beak Nasty; and many more. Minnesota is playing back to back with G Jones on Friday of the event and Saturday Ill Gates goes up against KJ Sawka in a DJ battle.


This festival also hosts many activities to keep its attendees busy. SubOctave is complete with a 150 foot slip n’ slide, life-sized beer pong, meditation and yoga, fire spinning, and much more! The open, grassy terrain allows for three days of camping and a weekend packed with experiences.


Without the offer of VIP you can either purchase the early bird tickets now which are currently going for only $85! Parking and camping costs are included in the purchase of a ticket as well as the perks of a shuttle taking you to and from your car in off-site parking.


This summer is full of music festivals however with the pricing of SubOctave and the vast opportunities to feed your soul within the ranch, this is one festival I highly recommend. If you’re a fan of the strange dubstep and neighborly atmosphere, then SubOctave should not disappoint. I’ll see ya there!

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