Is it too late now for a bootleg? Not when you’re Brillz, and not when it’s Bieber!

Written by Ariana Assaf

By now it’s pretty obvious that Bieber’s “Sorry” is basically the earworm of the century. But Brillz has given us the opportunity to hear it in a new light, so to speak, and we’re digging it.

The LA-based DJ/producer’s self-described “twonk” style has been confusing almost everyone since he coined the term, but hell, why not throw another genre buzzword into the mix, am I right? Brillz is all about shaking things up and having a good time, and he’s certainly done that with his “Sorry” bootleg, brilliantly warping everything everyone already loves about it to challenge the song’s original structure while keeping it more than recognizable as a Bieber hit.

Brillz starts out by taking full advantage of that stupid catchy “oooo” sound, adding a fun little bubble popping sound and some extra percussion, and breaking into to a vocal portion that this version somehow makes seems infinitely more heartfelt than the original. But this is not your classic remix, it doesn’t follow just one new reimagined melody throughout. Halfway through the song, Brillz takes us on a short foray through a dark and dirty trap landscape only to re-emerge back into the comparatively light tune he’s established. Take a listen below and join the rest of us in the Brillz fanclub.


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