FestEvo Mobile App Kicks Off the 2016 Music Festival Season

Born from the fan experience advocacy of The Festival Guy, the downloadable app combines deep artist and event data, audio, video, and key fan services to enable first-timers through festival pros to “#FestivalBetter”
Los Angeles, CA – To celebrate and support the 2016 North American music festival season, FestEvo® has unveiled the next generation of the FestEvo #FestivalBetterTM mobile application, connecting the passionate festival community of fans, artists, and event producers.The app serves as a single resource that dramatically simplifies the festival-goer’s search and discovery of festival events, exploration of lineups and new music through sound and video, choice of target festivals for the season, engagement with like-minded friends and fans, creation of customized in-event itineraries, and then facilitates ticket swaps, rideshares, meetups, logistics and other services – all to enable fans to more effectively plan and enjoy their best personal festival experience.
The ad-free v3 app is ideal for everyone from festival newbies to festival pros, and is available free-to-download on both the Apple Store and Google Play.The new FestEvo #FestivalBetter app also incorporates performer and producer content through an authorized “takeover” and management of their respective information within the app – giving artists and events full control of their in-app consumer engagement and messaging. “It is awesome to have an app that finally connects the dots between festivals, artists, and fans,” said Duncan Smith, of the Vancouver-based EDM duo The Funk Hunters.
FestEvo was conceived to address festival industry challenges observed by Tucker Gumber, a full-time festival fan experience advocate and industry author, popularly known as The Festival GuyTM. “With this release, FestEvo significantly improves the fan experience for the 2016 festival season, and we now enable artists and events to control their content,” stated Tucker, “This is another step for FestEvo on our larger journey to more positively align all festival community constituents – festival-goers, festival-throwers, performers, sponsors, vendors, and venues. The #FestivalBetter app is a first milestone in this effort, with more to follow.”The updated FestEvo #FestivalBetter app features include:* Full details on 700+ (and growing) major music festivals and artist lineups.
* Seamlessly integrated Songkick local event search
* Artist profiles, with rich video and sound, for all performers on the event programs * Personalized ratings of artists and events to drive app functions
* Full integration with social media accounts
* Sharing of event selection, festival details, artist profiles, songs, RSVP to friends* Customized event performance schedules based on personal artist preferences * Ticket purchases, arranging of rideshares, meetups, and ticket swaps
* Travel maps and logistics
* Information on past festivals and lineups (win those bets)* Comments and feedback
* Artist and event page takeover and control.About FestEvo
FestEvo is a US-based Experience Economy startup that strives to inform, activate, and aggregate the passionate music festival fan community as a powerful marketplace and influential force-for-good in the industry and beyond. We invite festival fans to join us on the journey. Download, seek, choose, share, engage, plan, participate, experience, live life, and have an utter blast while making the festival scene – and the world – a better place. http://www.festevo.com/FestEvo, The Festival Guy, FestivalBetter and all other FestEvo product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of FestEvo, LLC in the USA and other countries. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
Copyright © 2016 FestEvo, LLC. All rights reserved.

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