Coachella set times are HERE and we are so ready…

Written by Ariana Assaf

It’s finally happened, Coachella has given us the set times we’ve been longing for ever since the lineup was announced. Though leaving the announcement to just two days before the event makes me feel a tad like Coachella is becoming more of a diva than I originally thought, it’s also evident that¬†organizers certainly know how to keep fans on their toes.

Personally, I’m just happy Louis The Child doesn’t conflict with anyone else (like BORNS), because obviously there’s no place I’d rather be than the Sahara tent at 2:45 on Friday. The Black Madonna, Zella Day, and Mr. Carmack are taking up a nice string of afternoon spots on Saturday that will probably have me skipping Yuma, Sahara, and the Outdoor Theatre with a massive watermelon in one hand and a slice of spicy pie in the other (oh my god my mouth actually just started watering ok pulling myself together now).
Now everyone, I know you’re going to be exhausted come Sunday morning. But I highly suggest you slam a couple mimosas and get yourself to Young Fathers at 1:50; I promise they’re like nothing you’ve ever heard and could very possibly make your Coachella experience in terms of finding new talent. Finally, don’t forget about the Heineken House or Do Lab stages, who have booked a slew of ever-rising artists including LondonBrudge, Big Wild, Brillz (on both stages between Saturday and Sunday!) Lookas, and Ghastly.

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