Autograf’s Future Soup Fills Our Music Hunger

Written by Austin Allen

               Autograf’s brand new EP, Future Soup, satisfies the hunger for many fans of future bass. Inspired by Andy Warhol and his creation of the Campbell’s Soup remake in the form of pop art, Autograf uses their artistic talent to not only recreate the soup can, but to also add a music aspect to their creation.


With a majority of Autograf being art majors (and all of them inspired by past artists), its 3 members look to lead their newest EP into the forefronts of future bass. Five songs are packed with funky beats to make to your feet move and shoulders bounce.


As artists, Autograf takes pride in creating their own stage props and as they grow as artists, they also grew as musicians. During an interview with Mikul Wing, one out of the three members of Autograf, he touches on the aspect of their self-made stage props.


               “As artists we are trying to move from the pop art aspect and into the abstract expressionist aspect of prop creation,” Mikul states within a brief interview with Festival Squad.


Autograf has not disappointed. Their first show took place at The House of Blues in their hometown of Chicago, IL complete with their very first prop… a giant can of soup. Years later they rectified the soup can in this EP; giving birth to five songs that are sure to make one get jiggy.


If you haven’t already checked out their Future Soup, I highly suggest you do. Perfect for quaint get-togethers or even raging parties, Future Soup is perfect for nearly any occasion. Studying for finals or celebrating summer vacation this EP has the magic to keep the vibe upbeat and the atmosphere friendly with enjoyable melodies and happy beats.


Autograf has left their “autograf” within the future bass genre and continues to improve within the evolution of their music. Three friends with a passion for music and a determined mindset brought forth a creative and fun tone into the EDM scene. Combining self-made props and groovy tunes, they’re forging from differentiated passions blended together to create one awesome EP.


And be sure to catch Autograf as they appear at several festivals this season including Coachella, Shambhala & Lightning In A Bottle. 


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