A Festival of The Future Takes Place in Three Weekends [Interview]

In a galaxy far, far away (or about an hour NE of Vegas), lies a festival within the future. Large dreams of advanced technology, music from an alternate planet and the most delicately designed cuisine collide in a world known as Further Future. Now on its second installment, Further Future promises a weekend that will heighten senses and push boundaries beyond what a typical festival ever could. This remote festival boasts speakers on technology, high energy and creative fashion, creating the first of its kind.


About two weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Espinosa, a 15 year veteran DJ who resides full time in Las Vegas. Jeremy has had the opportunity to get involved in the music community in Las Vegas, Burning Man, and he is now preparing to take part in this one-of-a-kind festival.


In 2009 he went to Burning Man and it sparked his desire to become serious about DJing.


“I did go there with a little knowledge there were tons camps with Djs playing,” explains Espinosa. “I discovered Do Lab that year who does the stages at Lightning In Bottle & Coachella”.


Now, years later, Espinosa is participating in the one-of-a-kind futuristic festival. So how did Jeremy wind up with the opportunity to fill in for a spot at Further Future? After spending years in the scene, volunteering when necessary and spinning whenever given the opportunity, he worked hard to uphold a positive reputation.


“There’s a combination of things that got me involved with Further Future. In 2010 my friends did a big sound camp, it was at the same time as District parties. I wound up volunteering all summer long. I was working the door, building stages and building friendships that eventually they’re like ‘Ok, we are gonna give you a shot at one of the fundraisers’. I performed well there and they decided to give me a slot at Burning Man. And I performed well there. I’m guessing it is either my connection with the local Burner community or through the House Music Awards on how my name got brought up. However, my agent, his name is Marshall Brushfield who owns a company called IV Rescue and IV Rescue did a lot at Further Future last year.”


Espinosa explains that he was not originally on the Further Future lineup and is not on the flyer. His name was being passed along, and Further Future was hoping he could be a surprise and/or fill in set for those unable to make it out due to its remote location. He is hoping this possibility is real.


“I heard it was awesome last year, but apparently they’re dialing in way harder this year. One of the things they’re handing is bringing in some great local talent that is big in the Burning Man community”.


Other than the talent, what makes Further Future a highly anticipated festival in 2016? Espinosa feels is a unique experience that separates itself due the the music talent, the art, the workshops and the amount of dedication that is being poured into the festival this year.


When asked what he is most looking forward to he excitedly responds: “Lee Burridge. Lee Burridge, Lee Burridge, Lee Burridge. If you’ve never seen Lee Burridge DJ, GO SEE LEE BURRIDGE DJ. Wow. People just want to know where hes playing and they assemble. And the vibe and energy that comes… to have him here and bringing him here to our backyard in Vegas.. I am so excited. Lee Burridge, go see him. And of course, The Pharcyde. I can’t wait to see them. I’ve never seen them at a proper festival/event.”


As for all the lectures and workshops on technology, Espinosa is a self-proclaimed “tech geek”, saying that he will probably catch more lectures than musicians. He gets excited about the future with augmented/virtual reality and thinks its only a matter of time for the rest of society to be on board.


Espinosa says that its likely that in 10 years we’ll hear about large companies who had ideas spark from a Further Future talk.


Jeremy Espinosa is hoping to be a surprise set, and he said there are some other big name surprise sets as well.


All in all, Further Future sounds like a festival different from anything else and we look forward to be apart of it.


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Be sure to grab your tickets ASAP to this futuristic gathering HERE.



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