5 Things We Learned About Marshmello Thanks To His First Music Video

Written by Ariana Assaf

One of dance music’s fastest recent up-and-comers released his first ever music video today for “Keep it Mello”. Not only is it an excellent representation of the song we already know and love, it actually contains lots of valuable information about the producer’s everyday life. Allow us to share…

1. His bromance with Omar LinX is out of this world
They start the day together, they end the day together. That is love, people. And what are friends for if not for getting you to hurry the fuck up in the morning anyway? This Toronto-based hip hop/electronic artist is the first to be featured on a Marshmello track, and judging by the fact that they left the party together to go admire some sweet LA views, instead of with the cute redhead rubbing up on Mello’s inner thigh, I’d say there are more happy times with these two to come.
2. He will poo poo your silly alcoholic beverage
That party we’re talking about? Yeah, it’s full of marshmallow drinks: marshmallow champagne, marshmallow beer/beer pong, marshmallow shots. After all, who needs an alcohol buzz when you can go for a sugar high?! Plus, these can be poured all over your friends’ faces without having to worry about being sticky all night! He’s on to something.
3. He might steal your vehicle
But only if you knock his marshmallows out of his hand, and only if you’re derpy enough to keep the keys in the ignition. Just over a minute in to the video, Mello has a bit of a run-in with a classic LA-grade doucher. He and Linx get their revenge by taking this funny little motorized gadget for a joy ride.
4. He has the coolest squad ever (aside from ours of course)
The cameo game is stronger than the hate between Deadmau5 and Kanye. Appearances by Mija, Dillon Francis, Ookay and more kinda make us wish we were invited to the party.
5. He’s¬†actually¬†part marshmallow
Guys, he woke up with that thing on his head because it is his head. Clearly this is not a gimmick. It even gets itchy like normal human heads (0:52) and can hear whispers like normal human ears (2:43). Mystery solved. You’re welcome.

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