Who are the Infinite Brothers?

Interview by Sara Joy Tiberio

Infinite Brothers is the project of Cody Sparks, Shane Cotee (The Adaptive), and Jacob Paskus (Stratosphere) who are spanning the distance between them to make an impact on the world through music. When I first listened to this EP I thought I could have it on in the background while working- but upon pressing play I literally just had to stop and listen as my brain tried to comprehend the overlapping whimsical noises coming through my headphones. In spite of the laid back downtempo electronic feel, the intricacy here is really noticeable. There is serious craftsmanship evident in the ebb and flow of the movement through these tracks. Put this on if you want to feel uplifted, cleansed and renewed through the gentle artistry of healing elements like chanting and tribal sounds.

When I listen to experimental/ambient tracks I listen to the stories they tell. This EP seems to selflessly tell lifetimes of stories throughout ancient history. It creates a visceral experience of floating through the static of time. I think it can be hard to end an EP or album as an electronic artist, it’s the type of music that can go on forever, but I really get a sense of completion and like I am satisfied with the ending here in ‘Ancient Sky’.

The fact that these three artists, unique and talented in their own right, managed to find each other and make music like this while working remotely is remarkable. Here is an interview with Upstate NY’s Cody Sparks on the story of how this project came to be and where they are heading:

SJT: How did you guys find each other?

Cody Sparks: We all met through Soundcloud actually. I met Shane because I had been listening to his music recommended by a friend. I left a comment on his track, and he commented back basically saying he was down to collaborate. I met Jacob essentially the same way, and it all came together through Facebook. The original plan was for Shane and I to release an EP together, but once we created the title track Signals with Jacob, it was obvious this needed to be a 3 person project.

SJT: What was the process of working with each other from far away to create and produce this EP?

Cody Sparks: The process was actually extremely smooth. I would basically lay out the structure for a track, or I would have a track created already that could easily have more work done to it. For most of the EP, I was sending these files to Shane, who in turn would send it back with layers of guitar, and then all of these files were sent to Jacob, who mixed and added final touches and fills, then all of the tracks went back to Shane for mastering. We honestly owe a lot of what we do to Google Drive and WeTransfer.

SJT: How would you describe this specific EP in one word or brief phrase?

Cody Sparks: “Bliss”. I won’t elaborate on that, it speaks for itself, I think. (wink emoticon.)

SJT: What is your ultimate goal for the Infinite Brothers project?

Cody Sparks: We’ve had a few Skype sessions with all 3 of us talking about what we’re looking to do and accomplish and we all pretty much feel the same. We are looking to provide listeners with a sense of love, bliss and excitement, but beyond that we are looking to give back. Though it may sound prideful to describe our music as “healing”, we ourselves have felt very healed creating this music together, so we hope we can spread that feeling to others as well. Beyond that, we have a remix EP/album planned for the not-so-distant future (featuring a number of super talented producers) that we will be donating the proceeds to a charity/nonprofit (TBD). Beyond the music, none of us have actually met in real life yet, so that’s definitely a big goal at this point haha! We’re hoping to get into playing some festivals here and there, and possibly setting up some kind of tour along the way.

Check it out here.

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