Secret Solstice: My Choice Summer Destination Festival for 2016

Written by Sara Joy Tiberio

After attending festivals in Canada¬†and Europe, I fell in love with the idea of getting to explore outside the U.S. but also attend a music festival and combine my passion for both music and traveling. It’s a completely different experience to go to a festival outside your own country, and I’m not sure that’s something everyone realizes. You meet people from all over the world you would have never met before, you see new bands you would have never discovered otherwise, and you experience something unique to that place. When a friend posted an article about Secret Solstice, a festival in the beautiful terrain of Iceland during long daylight hours, I was ecstatic. It couldn’t be more perfect.

My boyfriend, Paul, and I were already planning to fulfill our dreams of visiting Iceland this summer and experiencingthe Rhyolite fields of Torfajokull, the active Strokkur fountain geyser, and Blue Lagoon geothermal spa for ourselves. Now we could plan out a balanced trip full of exploring in nature and dancing the night away at Secret Solstice.

We will be flying in from the States and will rent a car upon arrival as we have found car rentals to be reasonably priced. Paul has spent 6 months at a time backpacking all over the world so we will camp for most of the time with the travel savvy gear he has aquired.

Radiohead is the artist I am most looking forward to. They were my favorite band all throughout high school. I have so many memories from that period of my life tied to their songs. I missed one opportunity to see them live and it never came back around until now, 10 years later. I am also looking forward to seeing the local Icelandic artists. From some of the descriptions I read on the website such as, “raw beats and flowing poetry” and “modern folk music” I have no doubt I will be enchanted by the whole line up.

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