Gramatik Consumes the Canopy Club

by Austin Allen

Gramatik like we’ve never seen him before. A little dub, some house, and a whole lot of future funk and electro soul engulfed the audience at the Canopy Club on March 3rd. The venue was packed from wall to wall with fans hungry to get down with Denis Jasarevic and Andrew Block, also known as Gramatik. Denis built up and dropped the funk while Andrew, on guitar, shredded over Denis to add the soul and strings to the whole performance.

Gramatik put on an unbelievable show that will stick with many fans and Canopy Club regulars for quite some time. Artifakts and Brasstracks started the night off to warm the crowd up, but quite honestly the crowd was warm enough. With an oversold show, the Canopy Club was steaming hot and borderline dangerous. There was barely enough room to dance and if you were on your way outside to smoke or to the bar to grab a drink, you better hope your friends didn’t move.


The Canopy Club wasn’t the only thing that was hot. Andrew’s guitar must’ve been on fire because of the funk he was laying down on top of Denis’s groovy tracks. Gramatik took us back in time by starting off his set with Grizmatik’s song, “My People” and then bringing us back with his hit song “Hit That Jive;” and let me tell you, if you weren’t jiving then you must’ve been deaf.

Then Gramatik also threw in some other crowd favorites. Hyperparadise and The Buzz by Hermitude, Ragga bomb by Zomboy and Skrillex, Bottle Service by Herobust, and finally his hit song Native Son but the remix by Ramzoid. All these amazing tracks plus a ridiculous light production put on by Gramatik really stepped up the whole performance.

Gramatik will be in the United States again on May 27th – 29th playing at Summer Camp in Chillicothe, Illinois. If you’re in South America you can catch him at Lollapalooza or if you’re in France then you’ll be able to catch him playing at Zenith. The Epigram Tour is underway and it is something you funk fans cannot miss. Gramatik is bringing all sorts of electronic flavors your way so be sure to taste them all!

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