Burning Man Sold Out.. NOW WHAT? [2018 updates]

Written by Stephanie Rosa

You did it. Just like they said. You went to BurningMan.org and you filled out your burner profile, clicked “Register for Main Sale” and watched an email roll in confirming that you are now ready for the second your clock hits 12:00pm PDT. Sparkle pony or Veteran… you’re ready for Black Rock City.

Burning Man

Day dreaming of dust in your hair and the nudity on the playa, you receive a special link with new instructions. Head into a waiting room 20 minutes before the ticket sale begins and you could be one of the lucky ones! Follow the new rules and get rewarded. Right? WRONG.

As you proceed into the virtual waiting room at 11:45am PDT you become anxious. Are you sure this is what the screen looks like? Did you click the right link? Were you supposed to enter your playa name somewhere? WHEN WILL THIS END! And before you chewed off all your nails, it became 12:05pm and now you see the green walking man of death. And as your green man is walking slower than a three-toed sloth, your phone is exploding with messages from your fellow burner friends.


No. You didn’t. You didn’t get one ticket. Worst day ever? Possibly. After throwing a pity party for yourself for about an hour, you slowly work your way back to your computer screen and wonder what next? 

Luckily for you, you hopped on FestivalSquad.com to find out how to get over your Burning Man let down! 

So heres a few ways to go about getting tickets (courtesy of BurningMan.org):

1. Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP)

The Secure Ticket Exchange Program is an online system that facilitates the safe resale of face-value $390 tickets and vehicle passes that have been purchased directly from Burning Man. It’s designed to provide a hassle-free, secure way of buying and selling tickets while avoiding scammers, counterfeits, and scalpers.


  • Registration for STEP opens to those wanting to sell their face value tickets ($425) at 12pm (noon) PDT on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, through the Burner Profiles.
  • Once tickets are submitted to STEP, sellers will be contacted directly with instructions on how to also submit vehicle passes.
  • Monday, July 16, 2018 – Last day sellers can submit tickets to STEP.
  • Only $425 tickets and vehicle passes can be sold through STEP.
  • Ticket sellers will not be refunded until their ticket(s) have been sold to another participant.
  • Refunds will be processed to the card originally used to purchase the order.


  • Anyone who has not already purchased a ticket through one of our other sales can register to purchase a ticket through STEP.
  • There is currently no way to register in STEP solely to purchase a vehicle pass.
  • Registration for STEP takes place through the Burner Profiles beginning Wednesday, April 25, 2019 at 12pm (noon) PDT, for would-be ticket buyers.
  • Availability of tickets is dependent on participants releasing tickets into the program.
  • As soon as tickets are released into STEP they will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis via email notifications to registered participants.
  • If you are offered ticket(s) through STEP you will have 72hrs to purchase before the ticket is released to the next person in the queue.
  • Friday, July 20, 2018 is the last day ticket offer links will be sent out. Those links will be valid for 72 hours from the time they are sent.
  • Anyone offered ticket(s) through STEP will also have the option to purchase one (1) vehicle pass.
  • There is an additional $6 per item STEP fee for tickets and vehicle passes bought through STEP. All other usual fees apply.
  • Ticket orders purchased in STEP are fully transferrable and eligible for name changes.
  • Ticket orders purchased in STEP may opt to have their orders shipped.
  • IMPORTANT: if you remove yourself from the STEP queue you are ineligible to re-enter the queue.

2. OMG Sale

  • Approximately 1,000 tickets at $425 each, and approximately 1,500 vehicle passes available at face value, plus applicable fees and taxes.
  • You can buy a maximum of two (2) tickets and one (1) vehicle pass.
  • You can only register to buy tickets in the OMG Sale if you have not previously bought $425 tickets through an earlier sale.
  • For those who have not purchased a vehicle pass from us yet, there will be an option to register to purchase just a vehicle pass in our OMG sale.
  • Participation in the OMG Sale requires registration. Register from 12pm (noon) PDT, Wednesday, July 26, 2017. Registration closes at Friday, July 28, 2017 at 12pm PDT.
  • The first-come, first-served sale starts at 12pm (noon) PDT Wednesday, August 2, 2017.
  • The only delivery methods available for this sale are UPS 2nd Day Air (for US addresses), Canada UPS Expedited, and Will Call.
  • For more information about the OMG Sale, please read through the FAQ.

3. Third Party Outlets… At Your Own Risk

Craigslist, Stubhub and eBay are all ways to get tickets.. Just beware. Make sure the tickets aren’t fake and try to talk the seller down to a reasonable price. After all, it is against Burning Man principles to sell a $400 at $1200… And do you see a ticket for a disgusting price? Read Burning Man’s suggestion here. If you feel so inclined, you can even take down a ticket scalper, just like our friend Ben did. 

4. Make some Burning Friends!

There are so many outlets to connect Burners, whether its through regional events or groups on social media outlets. It never hurts to ask who might have an extra ticket to sell.

Well, thats all we’ve got. Good luck to those who are in search of tickets… SEE YOU ON THE PLAYA!



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