A Fool’s Paradise: Friends, Family and Funk

Written by Connor McAuliffe

Have you ever imagined a paradise where you could spend time with friends and family while grooving to some funky music under the sun? Fool’s Paradise is right around the corner in St. Augustine, Florida with headliners Lettuce and GRiZ are performing a very special set. They will be featured collaborating together for the first and only time with no computer being used while performing.

Most people look forward to the artists performing, but I personally look forward to reconnecting with old friends as well as meeting new faces.  I am also looking forward to spending a few days with GRiZ family members coming from all over the world the get funky!  GRiZ has not only changed my life by introducing me to the friends I have today, but his talent and energy he brings when he performs is unparalleled.  The saxophone is a deal breaker and always has been something unique that an artist can use while performing.  If anyone has not had a chance to see GRiZ live, I highly recommend it since he implements other live instruments in his sets with other artists.

Can’t wait to see you all there! And don’t forget to grab your tickets here.

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