The Epigram Tour is Underway!

Written by Austin Allen 

February 26th was the start of Gramatik’s Epigram Tour and for you Midwestern fuck fans, you’ll be able to catch him at The Canopy Club on March 3rd. From funkadelic beats to groovy jazz Gramatik has continued to produce a unique and addictive sound that after all these years, Denis is sure to keep your feet moving and bodies grooving. Since his fresh release of his song Native Son which features Raekwon, Orlando Napier, and ProbCause there has been a frenzy of remixes that add their own swing and style onto an already catchy tune. You can check out his Epigram Tour playlist below or on his soundcloud which is also a gallery of fantastic songs to keep you addicted to the funk. The Canopy Club is the place to be on March 3rd and tickets are still on sale (for now), so be sure to hop on your horse and head down to Urbana to catch Gramatik at the start of his Epigram Tour!

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