Pittsburgh’s Field Of Dreams Festival Promises Camping, Music, and More in 2017

The sound of a wood bat hitting a baseball, is the heartbeat of America, and America is all about making your wildest dreams come true. Our dream is to create a unique festival experience for both sports and music lovers, FOD “Field of Dreams” Fest.

We are Liam Coghlan and Amanda Cowan – founders of Field of Dreams Fest. Amanda has been working in the music industry for 5 years, putting her degree in journalism to use by writing hundreds of reviews, covering a number of different global music festivals, and dabbling in the realm of management and public relations. Though she absolutely loves her occupation, the Content Manager for EPIC Productions  and Artist Publicist for EPIC Artist MGMT , she has been wanting more, and has been wanting to help others with what she does.

Enter Liam Coghlan, a ball player with a setback due to injury, but always with big dreams. Having played baseball for over 20 years, he remembers his spark, watching a Play Ball With the Bucs instructional VHS over and over at the age of 5. From tee-ball to junior college, the dream continues to burn inside no matter how unlikely the dream may be now. The two of us Pittsburgh natives have been friends for over a decade, and have watched each other strive in our love for both music and the sport of baseball. When you combine our two passions, you get the Field of Dreams Fest – a dream Liam thought of while laid up in his hospital bed after a final leg surgery, a dream we want to make a reality.

What’s more American than summer baseball and music? Maybe camping, food and beer, but we’ve got that covered too. Field of Dreams Fest will be a unique festival the world has yet to experience – an all-American festival engaging and enriching the community through music and baseball. Drawing fans of both baseball and music, the weekend long camping festival will consist of a baseball game followed by three nights and two days of non-stop music, a fest-wide BBQ, meet-and-greets, and loads of activities for attendees of all ages – all to take place in July 2017.

The baseball game will showcase the athleticism of middle school, high school and collegiate players through three separate all-star games. There will also be appearances by MLB favorites – past and present. Following the baseball games will be a weekend long music festival. Spanned across three stages, talented musicians and artists of all genres will keep the crowds on their feet and dancing under the moonlight. Did we mention activities? Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy carnival games, corn hole competitions, various booths with local vendors, campfires and s’mores. Food will be freshly prepared by chefs from some of the most popular restaurants in town, with beers from various craft breweries around Pittsburgh.

All money raised through GoFundMe will go towards creating the festival itself, with 30% of proceeds made by Field of Dreams Fest being donated towards The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Our dream is to have the festival filled with children experiencing a magical weekend full of meeting their favorite baseball players and musicians, and having an all-around amazing time. The remainder of the earnings will go towards making the following year’s event bigger and better than the first round. With talent, work ethic and the ability to fight through adverse situations, you’ve got a shot at succeeding in both music and baseball. Music and baseball have brought us life, and it is only our hope for children to discover the spark to start their dream.

Donate HERE if you wish to help us build our dreaming of making Field of Dreams Fest a reality – every little bit helps! If unable to donate, it would be beyond appreciated and worth as much as a donation if you could share on your social media outlets, with your colleagues, friends, family – anyone and everyone! If you wish to contribute more and learn how to get involved, feel free to let us know! We are seeking all of the assistance and support we can get!

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