LondonBridge is Crazy For You.

LA-based DJ LondonBrige just released a sweet new track you need to know about. With a solid house beat and cool, robotic-sounding vocals, its designed to make you feel a little crazy…in a good way!

Crazy For You was posted to the artist’s Soundcloud in honor of Valentine’s Day, and fans are definitely feeling it. We can tell you from experience that it’s just as great of a walking beat to give your day some edge as it is a relax-and-unwind jam for when you’re ready to put your feet up. And of course, any LondonBridge tune is always dance floor ready; we’re expecting to hear it on a night out as soon as possible.


The track is an excellent example of LondonBridge’s versatility and perfectionism, so snuggle up with whoever makes you crazy and check out the rest of his Soundcloud to hear for yourself why we can’t stop listening. Enjoy, lovebirds!


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