Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Dodge & Fuski ‘Extinguish’ Medusa’s

Written by Austin Allen 


First off, just let me say that I am still sore from this show. Omegamode, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, and Dodge & Fuski to close the night out. Medusa Nightclub in Elgin, IL was turned into a filthy, grimy, dubstep pit for headbangers to congregate and break their necks to the talent on stage.

My night started out waiting in line. In freezing temperatures. For an hour…Until I got the bright idea to wait outside in rotation. Four people wait in the car while the other four held our spot in line. After some time doing this, we finally made it inside with our coats on our backs. This was because the coat check was just a big, unorganized glob of people. Thankfully we made it for the end of Omegamode and Midnight T was pushed back a half hour.

Omegamode was a fantastic appetizer for what the audience was about to receive; however the end of his set was also accompanied by some dangerous mischief. As I was standing on a bench (for journalistic reasons, of course…) I noticed a bunch of people gasping for air and wiping their face with a look of confusion and panic in their eyes. Later on I was able to uncover that someone exploded a fire extinguisher in the crowd!

With the help of the Medusa staff as well as the Stay Gold Promotion staff, they were able to locate the guilty mischief maker and snatched him from the dance floor. Soon after, Midnight Tyrannosaurus took advantage of this “fire extinguisher-free” crowd and then pursued to set Medusas ON FIRE. Like WHOA.

He played favorites like Love Potion, and also mixed In some Eptic and Dubloadz; just to sprinkle some filth into our ears. The last ten minutes of his set he played all new music. Let’s just say: you should be excited.

Dodge and Fuski continued the night and followed up with a respectful amount of dubs and wubs. What I was surprised by was the amount of future house and bass house they mixed into their dubstep. Even though I was having a blast, the exhaustion was hard to overcome. The combination of heat, dancing, lack of water, and dubstep was the nail in the coffin for my night. I hate leaving events early, but the heat was real. Sprinting through the empty streets of Elgin to my car I could see my breath. The cold wind whipped my face but my heart was still in the tiny hands of a tyrannosaurus. A Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

Midnight shakedown

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