Lightning in a Bottle: Art, Workshops, and Interactive Spaces GALORE!

Photos by Sage Thomas

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) returns to Southern California this Memorial Day Weekend, May 25th-30th. This boutique festival is considered one of the best in the West, due to its impeccable itinerary of music, art, workshops, and experiences. Lucky for us, the shores of Buena Vista lake will see this playground come to life in just two weeks…

Let’s take a journey into some of the adventures coming your way for the 2022 run.

Art & Interactivity

This festival will host interactive experiences, a bangin’ lineup of live painters, art classes, and even roaming performance artists throughout the weekend. As you frolick the grounds of Buena Vista Lake, let your creativity and imagination lead you to exactly where you are meant to be.

A few interactive areas we can’t wait for are below:

The “Do-Over! Beauty Salon”: Part game show, part beauty salon & barbershop. Come here for laughs and a high-fashion makeover.

Fire Flow Zone“: Community zone for sharing fire arts and flow.

“Big Lerdy’s Karaoke”: Come here to play board games and sing your heart out.

Check out the full Art & Interactivity lineup here.

Workshops, Movement, & Yoga

“The Compass” will host talks, discussions, workshops, and more across 7 immersive spaces at LIB.

“By immersing yourself at the Compass you’ll learn from the past and present in order to better integrate, collaborate, and thrive in our world’s future.

These spaces will be home to a wide range of educational opportunities to engage the senses, expand the mind, and inspire community action. There will be talks, workshops, and panels by world-renowned visionaries, experts, and thought-leaders. Themes will include indigenous cultures, psychedelic medicine, climate change, love & relationships, healthy eating, and so much more.

Check out the flyer below, and keep an eye out for the day-to-day itinerary. Whether you plan your workshops for each day or go with the flow, you are bound to come home with a fresh perspective or new skill.

A few workshops on our personal hitlist for this year include: “Ceremonial Chants & Medicine Music”, “No Means No: How to (Not) Talk to Cops”, “How to Make and Enjoy Mead”, “Happy Gut, Happy You​”, and “Indigenous Culture Revival in the Amazon”.

Aside from the discussions & talks, this experience has another layer of goodness. Year after year, LiB also hosts some of the most powerful yoga & movement workshops as well. Whether you are in the mood for Kundalini yoga, dance yoga, belly dancing, or a twerking workshop, this festival has something for you. We look forward to “Unlock Your Jiggle Potential: TwerkShop”, “Ignite Abundance: Lakshmi Yoga Flow”, “SUNDAY STOMP ECSTATIC DANCE”, and “Unfucked Yoga: come get yourself right”.

View the full Yoga & Movement Lineup here.

We look forward to dancing our hearts out at LiB yet again, and exploring what this magical place has to offer! Don’t forget your notebook, and most importantly- an open, curious mind.

Tickets available HERE.

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