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If you are a lover of bass music like I am, allow me to introduce you to the next rising bass star, Ravenscoon. Paul, aka, Ravenscoon, is enormously talented and performs with the skill of a seasoned veteran. He brings his audience on a journey through sound- effortlessly blending bass, rap, melodic dubstep, trap, and even drum-n-bass. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live last weekend and he played an absolute rowdy set of bangers–the crowd went wild. He has since become one my new favorite bass producers. I was supposed to interview him in person, but alas his flight was delayed and we weren’t able to sit down together; I’m thankful I was able to conduct the interview via email. I did get to meet him after his set and can confirm that he’s a very kind, humble person, contrary to the filthy set he had just played.

Ravenscoon just released a new single “Speakaz” from an upcoming EP on the Wakaan label, of which he is incredibly proud. Give it some love below, but I wouldn’t operate heavy machinery while listening–you’ve been warned!

Lucky for us, he posts lots of mixes and sets on Soundcloud–I’ve linked one of my favorites below (his remix of “WAP” is *chef’s kiss* perfection). He hosts a radio show called “In The Nest” and features guest artists. If you have the chance, do not miss seeing Ravenscoon perform – I promise you won’t regret it. 

Festival Squad: Your music spans an impressive number of genres– bass, death metal, hip-hop, trap, drum-n-bass, rap and trance. Where do you draw inspiration from? Any specific artists?

Ravenscoon: I am constantly being inspired by everything around me in life. From movies, books, music, friends, fleeting conversations, the way the wind blows through the trees. I take all of the beautiful moments around me and try to incorporate them into my music. As for specific artists that are inspiring me – my current list includes Deadcrow, Skeler, Peekaboo, Flozone, Tape B, Illanthropy, Emurse, ISOxo, G Jones, Tripp St, Sully, Super Future, AHEE, and many, many more than I can name.

FS: What inspired you to make the transition from music lover to producer? Was there a specific artist or moment that made you decide this is what you wanted to pursue?

Ravenscoon: I had been making fan mixes on Soundcloud because I wanted to hear the songs I loved in the order that I wanted to hear them in. My friend Drew and my fiance Taylor both encouraged me to take it a bit more seriously and start creating my own original works. Eventually I took the dive and decided to learn – as it had always been something that I was interested in. Even back in 2010, I did a self-directed study on music production in high school, so it was a long time coming.

Ravenscoon and me after his set in Portland

FS: Please walk me through your creative process of producing music.

Ravenscoon: I have a different process many times when I decide to write music, but what I’ve found most successful is when I use a template I created with a palette of drums, FX, and my sound design that I can use to write something that sounds like me, but new and different. Oftentimes after playing or attending a big concert I find myself teeming with creative juices and want to sit down. Typically I like to start a song in a 5-6 hour session.

FS: I read your interview with EDMIdentity where you shared your lifelong struggle with sleep disturbances– night terrors, sleep walking, sleep paralysis, astral projecting and lucid dreaming. You said your dreams have really shaped your waking life. How do you draw inspiration from these experiences in your music?

Ravenscoon: Many of my songs include ethereal sections of pads, sparkling arpeggios, and psychedelic vocal chops – all of which I feel induce a dreamlike state to my music. Many of the lyrics and samples in my music also reference dreaming, dreams, your mind, etc. I feel like music is such a powerful outlet for me because I can recreate some of those moments of beauty, fear, terror, and love – and still get people to groove and dance to it. It’s very cathartic for me.

FS: You’ve been open about your sobriety in a world where that must be incredibly challenging. Do your sleep disturbances play a role in your sobriety? 

Ravenscoon: I think the sleep disturbances and sobriety are separate things that I deal with. They may be related or tie in with some mental health issues that I also struggle with, but I haven’t explored that with a doctor before. It could be interesting to do a sleep study with a doctor and figure out more, but that is expensive and time consuming, so for now I just learn to deal with the hand I’ve been dealt.

FS: Who are some artists you’d like to collaborate with?

Ravenscoon: My top list of dream collabs (living/realistic collabs) would be Skeler, Deadcrow, Liquid Stranger, Zeds Dead, Subtronics, Nero, Rusko, Caspa, Peekaboo, Jantsen, Rezz, Infected Mushroom, LSDream, Barnacle Boi, Griz

FS: How did you arrive at your name, Ravenscoon?

Ravenscoon: My last name is Conversano. I put it into an online anagram generator and picked the first one that stood out to me, “Ravenscoon”

FS: What are some of your pre-show rituals? i.e. Meditation, yoga, eating a delicious meal or working out etc.?

Ravenscoon: I like to get to the state I’m playing to early. Check in, eat, take a nap, and then take a HOT shower before heading to the venue. Typically I don’t like talking much to other people ~30min leading into my set as I’m getting in the mental zone to give my best possible performance.

FS: What are you passionate about outside of making music?

Ravenscoon: Food/Cooking, Politics, hiking, film, astrophysics, science

FS: You’ve caught a lot of hype in the last few years, which is impressive given live shows weren’t happening. How did you hustle to make a name for yourself?

Ravenscoon: I dedicated all my free time to producing and getting better there. I also released 14 songs each year and about a dozen mixes and live streams. Consistency is key!

FS: What advice would you give your younger self? What words of wisdom do you have for yourself going forward?

Ravenscoon: Live in the moment. Things do get better. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. Be patient, kind, and listen more.

FS: Any exciting things you’re working on that you can share with us? 

Ravenscoon: I am releasing the first single of my EP on Friday via WAKAAN. This is the biggest, best, and most cohesive body of work I’ve ever put together. I also have 10+ other songs in addition to that and some cool shows/tours/festivals to announce…

FS: You’re playing at a few festivals this summer. Which ones are the most exciting for you?

Ravenscoon: Honestly all of them. I think the stand out is Bonnaroo because that was the first festival I ever went to, 10 years to the date. It feels very surreal to have these incredible opportunities.

FS: If you could create a festival of your own, who would be on the lineup?

Ravenscoon: Griz, LSDream, Liquid Stranger, Bonobo, Deadcrow, Skeler, SBU, Hyperforms, Ytho, Emurse, Barnacle Boi, Brothel, Sully, TVBOO, Kumarion b2b Reaper, Notlo, Sky Suite, Infected Mushroom, Of The Trees, Black Carl, VCTRE, Tipper, Mize, Taking Back Sunday, SoDown, A Hundred Drums, Wreckno, Moore Kismet, Austeria, Rufus Du Sol, Sum41, Blink 182, Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, J Cole, Miley Cyrus, Bring Me The Horizon, Slipknot, Deftones, Flume, Tool, Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Glass Animals, Purity Ring, The Story So Far, The Devil Wears Prada, Tame Impala, Lana Del Ray, Peekaboo, Desert Dwellers, G Jones, Clozee, The Widdler, Pushloop. ATYYA, Goopsteppa, Meduso, Molokai, Illanthropy, Sully, Canabliss, Redrum, Sharlitz Web, Ganja White Night, Detox Unit, ISOxo, Moody Good, Xaebor, My Chemical Romance, Papadosio, STS9, String Cheese Incident, Lettuce, Jantsen, Rusko, Minnesota, Tape B, Tyler The Creator

FS: How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

Ravenscoon: Big pineapple on pizza guy. I don’t get it often and instead get it as a treat. I prefer pineapple with ham and jalapenos 

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