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Coming from the Sunshine State of Florida to the mountains of Colorado, Charles and Zach Weinert are the faces behind MZG (Monozygotic). Their music spreads across numerous genres and they are showing no signs of slowing down! We had the opportunity to check in with MZG about their thoughts of being back at The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, their move across the US, and some of their favorite collaborations with other artists. Without further ado, MZG!

Festival Squad: By now, you guys are no strangers to playing Hulaween. How does it feel to be back at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park?

MZG: It’s great! The last time we played Suwannee was at the Amphitheater Stage at Brainquility 2020 before the whole world stopped so it has been almost two years since we’ve been back at it. Ready is an understatement.

Festival Squad: How would you describe Hulaween to someone who’s never been? 

MZG: It’s a slice of musical heaven with a splash of spooky. The event is curated so well where every type of listener is considered from electronic to bluegrass. You have to admire The String Cheese Incident for creating this event they really made something special. 

Festival Squad: How has the transition been to come back to playing shows and festivals?

MZG: Pretty smooth as performers to be honest but in regards to promoters, agents, and managers it seems like the numbers have been taking a little bit of a hit in certain areas of the country. Feels like the behind the scene players have been shouldering a lot of the burden with the new playing field. As an artist it’s just nice to be able to go play for people again. 

Festival Squad: Being twin brothers AND sharing a musical project together, one can only imagine the amount of time you spend together. Has quarantine changed/affected the project in any different way? 

MZG: Same as it ever was to be honest. We’ve definitely spent a lot of time together in this life but it hasn’t affected anything in a negative manner. 

Festival Squad: Who has been your favorite artist(s) to collab with? 

MZG: Our most recent collaboration we started is by far our favorite but we can’t talk names just yet 🙂 but a collaboration in the past that has been our favorite is with Kyral x Banko. They are musical stud muffins that are a blast to work with. We made a track with them called ‘Boolin’ and it’s been our best track (numbers wise) to date for both acts. 

Festival Squad: After moving from Florida to Colorado, would you say there has been a shift in inspiration or creativity in your careers? How? 

MZG: We were in Florida for 15 years straight so moving to Colorado was by far an inspiration in and of itself. Creativity has been great so far. Being somewhere new with people that have the same goals is incredible and we feel like we’ve improved. We realized though that time management was going to be the uphill battle. It has been nice stacking the bank with the shows we’ve been getting but making time for personal and family time has been challenging. 

Festival Squad: What is one interesting fact about each of you that your fans don’t know? 

MZG: Zach had a full ride to UGA in high school for swimming but turned it down to pursue music and Charles won 1st place in a man pageant in high school with a YouTube video to prove it as well! 

Festival Squad: Anything special upcoming that you’d care to share with the fans? 

MZG: Definitely have a major collab on the way but we just can’t say at the moment, but be on the lookout! 

Check out the new single Wind It that MZG just released!

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