Spooky Szn at Spirit Lake

Feature Photo courtesy of Don Idio & Ginger Wesson

One of the country’s most anticipated music festivals during spooky season is just under 30 days away. That’s right, Suwannee Hulaween is slated to take place on October 28th-31st, for the first time since 2019. This years sold out event is a holiday favorite of many that travel far and wide to celebrate Halloween in North Florida. Before we continue, lets get something certain. They definitely did not hold anything back this year either.

Some of the most exciting names (subjectively of course) billed on this year’s lineup include Skrillex, Masego, Leon Bridges, Cordae, and the Zed’s Dead: Deadbeats Takeover. The lineup for the Deadbeats Takeover pre-party features LSDREAM, Deathpact, GG Magree, and Wreckno. Hulaween also announced a new stage dubbed “The Hallows” which will be replacing “The Patch.” Not to mention, the lineup also includes 7 sets of The String Cheese Incident, EarthGang, Manic Focus, MZG, Claude VonStroke, and Mersiv. All in all, Suwannee does a phenomenal job at providing such a wide variety of musical genres for Hulaween. So rest assured, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Spirit Lake!

Aside from a musical standpoint, another reason this festival is so loved by many stems from its ability to immerse attendees in an interactive and visual experience. From their annual theme night and onesie parties to the visual experience on Spirit Lake, Hulaween really is a lot more than just another music festival. This year, the theme is Monster Mash. So be sure that you and your squad come prepared with you favorite monster costumes! Walking through the sacred grounds of Suwannee, you can’t help but wander in awe as you pass by the most decorated campsites you’ll ever see.


Before you head out to Spirit Lake this year, I would suggest checking out some of the artists on the lineup so you can start planning your “must see” sets soon! Check out the lineup below:

If this is your first time attending Suwannee Music Park or a camping festival in general, here are a few pointers:

-Pack warm (I know it’s Florida, but it can and probably will get cold)

-Arrive during the day if possible. Suwannee’s unique camping style is different from your typical car camping in rows. You can camp pretty much almost anywhere, so get acquainted with your surroundings because it is really easy to get lost.

-Dress to impress! Do NOT be afraid to go all out with your costumes!

-Most importantly, EXPLORE NEW MUSIC! There are so many different incredible artists on this lineup, so go check out some new talent! You may fall in love with something new!

Tickets are sold out, but you can always try your luck and request a ticket here through the Official Lyte Waitlist & Exchange page. See you soon Hulagans!

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