What Makes Same Same But Different Stand Out?

All photos used with permission of SSBD

Same Same But Different Festival is just around the corner! September 9-12 you’ll find me dancing to some of my favorite artists in Lake Perris, California. This festival features a fire lineup including CloZee, STS9, Big Gigantic, LSDREAM, Dirtwire, Vindata and Sunsquabi. A variety of workshops, from acroyoga to mediation to breathwork, will be offered as well. At SSBD, you can camp on the beach, relax on your favorite floaty while producers play, and then get down once the sun goes down. Bring on the palm trees, lights and lasers!

What Makes this Festival Special?

Each year I’m faced with the tough decision of which festivals to attend; there are an overwhelming amount of choices. Do I go back to a festival I know and love, or do I branch out for a new experience? Do I travel abroad or stay stateside? What if I try a new fest and end up not liking it? We’ve all been to festivals that have been lacking that certain je ne sais quoi and leave us wanting more. 

But what makes Same Same But Different Festival, well, different? I posed this million dollar question to festival founder Brad Sweet:

The attendees are what’s different; The culture at our festival is what I believe to be the “different.” You can find festivals with swimming, beaches, palm trees, music and everything else we doeven the weird surprises and pop-up stages. It’s all been done at other festivals: that’s the “Same Same.” We’ve kept it small so we could grow together with our audience and build this as one, the way we all want it to be. The culture at our festival, the way people communicate with each other, help each other, learn from one another and grow together is different from anything I’ve ever seen before.

If you’ve been to a festival then you know the people and culture do make the difference. Having an amazing lineup is only one piece of the puzzle. In order for a festival to win attendees over they must excel in a winning combination of Lineup, Location and lastly, Culture. 


Speaking of lineups, this year’s is a dream! Intimate festivals that offer a diverse musical lineup are my favorite. Although I have a long list of acts I’m excited for, my top three are Clozee, STS9 and LSDREAM.

Check out the full lineup below:

I can’t wait to see her majesty the Queen of Bass, CloZee, turn up the heat with her unique world bass bangers. Her thoughtfully layered tracks evoke an exotic sound unlike any other. Hailing from France, Chloe Henry has been hard at work on her latest EP, Nouvelle Era. Her shows have repeatedly moved me to tears. None of my friends who are going to SSBD with me have seen her yet and I can’t wait to experience her show with them. Don’t worry, I’ll bring the tissues.

Wildly talented and always a blast, Sound Tribe Sector 9, or STS9, will deliver an epic show of amazing talent. They also happen to have one of the best laser shows out there. STS9 have been jamming together since the late 90’s and have quite an impressive catalogue. Harnessing funky psychedelic and dub-influenced jamtronica, their shows are full of group improvisations, making each performance unique. Seeing these wildly talented musicians play the drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and synthesizers is always a treat.

Never have I ever seen LSDREAM. To say I’m pumped would be the understatement of 2021. LSDREAM has a colorful sound that blends technicolor bass with layers of textured synthesizers mixed with trippy visuals (or so my friends tell me). Formally known as Brillz, Sami Diament shed his former persona to fully realize his true passion project, LSDREAM. I know it’ll be a great show and I’m excited to headbang again!

Playlist For Your Thoughts?

To get my friends hyped I created a playlist and included a smattering of artists, which you can listen to below. This will be my first time attending this event and I’m ecstatic! I’m looking forward to relaxing on the water during the day and dancing under the stars surrounded by my friends. Hopefully I’ll see you there? For additional information visit https://www.ssbdfest.com/


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