5 Reasons SSBD is a Must for Fall 2021

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Hop in the time machine and travel back to September 2018. Times we were simpler; I was kickin’ it lakeside, experiencing the inaugural Same Same But Different Festival. I remember feeling inspired by the beauty of the land and impressed by the festival’s level of intimacy, considering the jaw-dropping musical itinerary that drew me in. After this long weekend at Lake Perris, I was glowing with joy and stories to tell for years to come.

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Lucky for both of us, Same Same But Different is scheduled to return this September 9th-11th, 2021.

I am ecstatic to return to the playground of Perris Beach this September, and here are five reasons why:

The Place

Lake Perris Beach within Lake Perris State Park is a stunning location for a festival. With a daily high of 85°F and low of 61°F, SoCal might just be the best place to be during September. The mountains surrounding the lake make for a weekend straight out of a storybook. How many festivals can you boat, float, paddle, and dance to your favorite artists all in one day?

We encourage everybody to explore the beauty this state park has to offer. Miles of hiking trails, scenic views and waters that are perfect temperature for swimming  all help make Same Same But Different a festival you won’t forget. It’s truly a gem located in the heart of Southern California.” – SSBD

The Performances

SSBD never disappoints when it comes to the lineup, and the 2021 itinerary holds true to this notion. Come dance under the stars with Boombox, Big Gigantic, CloZee, The Polish Ambassador, STS9, LSDREAM, The Motet, Sunsquabi, Dirwire and so many other amazing musicians! Check out the full lineup below, for more details.

The People

It’s a beachside festival, so to no surpise, the crowd is quite “chill”. Having attended in 2018, I can attest to the fact that I love the SSBD family! People know how to let loose and have fun, but are respectful and take care of one another. “No worries, be happy”- kinda vibes thrive here. The small size of this festival makes it easy run into friends new and old as you wander the grounds. Who knows what kind of mischeif will ensue…

The Production

There is no lacking when it comes to the lights, sound, and performances at SSBD. The artists that get booked here often play for crowds of 20k+ at other events, so you know that attention is going into every detail. Four stages will set the scene for the weekend: the Same Stage, But Stage, Different Stage, and Coconut Club.

Beyond the music, Same Same has plenty of other activities to keep you healthy and happy during the daytime:

Discover your full potential and ignite your soul at SSBD with over 15 workshops spanning the weekend including: Yoga, Breath-work, Meditation, Dance Classes, Painting Classes, Crafting, Intentional Movement and Knowledge classes from experts in their field. Workshops are all completely free to attend” – SSBD

View the workshop itinerary for 2021 HERE.

The Parties

You will inevitably have the headliners rocking your world after the sun sets. Newsflash, though, the party begins much sooner…

Other daytime 2021 offerings include:

Floatopia Day Party– A mind-melting lineup will create the soundtrack to your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the water. For those 21+, beachside bars will be available serving spiked coconuts, margaritas, and more…

Sunday Brunch- The festival may officially close at 3pm on Sunday, but we’re keeping the vibes high until the very end. What better way to celebrate the weekend than spend it brunching with your newfound friends?

“Escape the Same, Experience the Different.”

Get your tickets HERE.

Named 2019’s Best Emerging Music Festival in the United States 


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