ELEV808 Designs Supports Artists and Non-Profits With Custom EDM Jerseys

The world as we knew it changed dramatically over the past few months as the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic spread further and deeper than we ever expected. These effects have taken a heavy toll on artists including DJs and producers that we have all come to know and love due to tours, shows, and festivals being canceled or postponed. Despite these challenging times, we have seen some incredible initiatives come to life to help support the community – one of these initiatives is ELEV808 Designs

“This community means so much to us, and we want to play our part by giving back to the artists who have given us memories that we will never forget.” – ELV808 Designs

At its roots, ELEV808 Designs is creating original custom jerseys for artists, which are raffled off with 100% of proceeds going directly to support those artists. Raffle entries are $10 per entry, with a winner selected at random once the donation goal is reached.   They are currently focusing initial raffles on small/mid-tier artists who have been impacted the most from COVID-19, with their first jersey raffle supporting ZEKE BEATS: ELEV808 Zeke Beats Custom Jersey

As ELEV808 continues to grow their base and outreach, their plans include jersey drops for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going to support the community at large.  Their initial plans also include giving back to different non-profit organizations, including but not limited to those that focus on mental health, addiction, and gender equality. 

Through all the craziness and uncertainty that has come with 2020, it warms our hearts to the core to see our peers and community coming together to use their creative outlets to support each other in new and innovating ways. We cannot wait to see what else ELEV808 DESIGNS has in store. Any support of ELEV808 is greatly appreciate, whether it’s entering the raffles, simply sharing on social media, or word of mouth to help us #ElevateTogether!

Follow ELEV808 Designs on Social Media:
Website: https://elev808designs.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elev808designs/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elev808Designs
Facebook Community Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Elev808/

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