ODESZA’s Playlist for NO.SLEEP 12 is HERE!

After over two years, ODESZA finally released their newest NO.SLEEP mix, live on YouTube today, March 25. The duo streamed their newest mix to over 12,000 live listeners to aid in the COVID-19 quarantines around the world. Fans rejoiced online with one another as the downtempo mix continued for an hour. The mix features songs by Rufus Du Sol, Moderat, RJD2 and more. ODESZA’s NO.SLEEP 12 is anticipated to be on Soundcloud and Spotify, but in the meantime, Festival Squad has complied the full tracklist of IDs for you in a playlist which can be found below. Enjoy!

You can also rewatch the entire live stream below on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud.

Photo: Don Idio for Festival Squad

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