Tomorrowland Releases Insane Lineup + Festival Info for 2020

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Tomorrowland is easily one of the most well-known festivals in the world. It is annually held in Boom, Belgium, where it was established back in 2005. The festival boasts unmatched notoriety that is likely due to the event’s continued dedication to outstanding lineups and high production value. In 2017, the event extended over two weekends, and they’ve continued the tradition since. Tomorrowland 2020’s theme is “The Reflection of Love.” If you attended the event last year, you may have realized that they secretly revealed the theme at the main stage! Last year’s theme was “The Book of Wisdom, The Return,” and one of the books on stage was titled “The Reflection of Love.” This year’s event will take place July 17th-19th and July 24th-26th, and it is already shaping up to be one of the best.

Photo Credit: Don Idio


Tomorrowland 2020’s lineup will absolutely go down as one off, if not the, biggest lineup at a festival ever. Last week, they announced 600 artists that will be in attendance. SIX HUNDRED! Of course, the performances are dispersed over two weekends, but still! That’s insanity! You’ve likely seen the lineup announcement, as it is so long, you need to zoom in to actually see the artist names.

As expected, only the world’s best and brightest musicians are invited to perform at Tomorrowland. This lineup includes the biggest artists in EDM, from long-time legends to up-and-coming stars. You can find all genres represented here, from house and techno to hardstyle and drum n’ bass to dubstep and experimental bass. Pull out your magnifying glass and lose yourself in this nutty lineup.

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Global Journey

Tomorrowland recognizes that is it a festival that attracts a massive international audience, and they do whatever possible to make the trip easier for those traveling from far away. Global Journey is the festival’s one-stop shop for travel and lodging needs. Their Global Journey packages cover any and all types of travel you would like to do at and around the festival. Train and bus packages will help you find your way to Belgium from major cities in Europe. Hotel and friendship travel packages are available to make your stay much easier. Regardless of whether you’re partying in a large or small group. Plus, the discover Belgium and discover Europe packages allow you to plan a vacation that includes multiple destinations aside from the festival itself. These packages are all meant to ease the stress that comes naturally with a big vacation, and to unite you with fellow Tomorrowland attendees!

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Photo Credit: Don Idio


The festival also offers camping for your 5 day stay. DreamVille is the name of Tomorrowland’s massive campsite area. Although you are welcome to bring your own gear, DreamVille offers much more than just your typical campsites. From eco-friendly tent options to mansion rentals, Tomorrowland has got your stay covered. If you’re coming from far away, there’s no need to lug camping gear halfway around the world. The Easy Tent Area has pre-made tents – so all you need to do is show up! The Montagoe area features luxury tents, while the Terra Solis Area holds luxury hotel suites. Most impressive of all, though, is the Mousai Area. If you’re looking for a dreamy, bougie, over-the-top Tomorrowland experience, renting out a mansion on the property is the way to do it. Check out all of the accommodations options at Tomorrowland’s website!

Photo Credit: Don Idio
Photo Credit: Rebecca Hollman


You must pre-register in order to purchase tickets. Seeing as the event typically sells out within minutes of tickets going on sale, you need to be on top of this to score tickets. Pre-sale is already sold out, and general on sale begins on February 1st. Check out the festival’s website here to find all the information you need to purchase tickets.

Photo Credit: Don Idio

Tomorrowland’s website dives in to answer any and all questions you may have while planning your trip to the festival. Check out their thorough resources here!

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