World Holds Breath as Elon Musk Drops Wholesome Debut Track

In the wee hours of the morning on Friday, January 31, 2020, the world was treated to an auditory revelation in the form of a new single from global EDM sensation automotive and aerospace engineer, Elon Musk. Yeah, THAT Elon Musk. Teacher of machines, builder of rockets, cutter of rugs, and now producer of dance beats.

After announcing earlier in the week that he was working on a track he had written, called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe,” the Twitterverse was understandably skeptical. After all, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is a notorious troll and has been known to make equally absurd announcements on more than one occasion without any sincerity. Today, all doubts were laid to rest as Emo G Records dropped the single on their Soundcloud channel.

The song itself is a fairly simple offering – opening with ethereal synths over a low-cut four-on-the-floor dance beat. After a pretty restrained build, the song resolves itself as more of a melodic disco house track. The cherry on top is Musk’s contribution, four lines written and vocalized by the man himself, that continue on a loop throughout the length of the composition — “don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s you / don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s true.” In the timeless words of comedian-turned-newsman-turned-cultural-tastemaker John Oliver, “Cool.”

Musk’s flirtation with the electronic music scene should not come as too much of a surprise, however. Aside the tech billionaire’s habit of rapidly accumulating and abandoning interests at the drop of a hat, the man has spent the past two years romantically involved with the equally eccentric musical artist Grimes. A former neuroscientist, Grimes has become an icon in futurist and cyberpunk circles for her sci-fi theatrics and unique mix of musical styles, which range from dark industrial to bubbly J-Pop. While the two have been keeping their status as a couple out of the public eye recently, Grimes did announce earlier this month that she’s pregnant, though she did not confirm who the father is.

It’s entirely believable that Musk has acquired some of his significant other’s proclivity for working at the mixing console. While he hasn’t provided any follow-up thoughts about his first single, it’s difficult to tell if this may be a budding passion for the restless polymath, or if it will just be a one-time affair.

Give Musk’s new track a listen and see what you think — we wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up embedded as an Easter egg in Tesla’s next firmware update.

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