UNIVERSAL WUBS with Shlump [Exclusive Interview]

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Originally from Sebastopol, California Michael Petzel, better known as Shlump, has everyone acting like a maniac with his bass music. With his unique sound, it is creating quite the following for those who are looking for the alien technology he speaks of. We had the opportunity to check in with Shlump and ask him about his tour with LSDREAM, his contribution to Wakaan, and why he loves skating so much. Without further ado, Shlump!

Festival Squad: How did you get your artist name? Is there a cool back story to that?

Shlump: Shlump is a slang word for music with a lot of bass, when that beat just shlumps. I used to go by Shlump Criminal before deciding on just Shlump.

Festival Squad: You performed at numerous festivals this year, including Lollapalooza, DoLab at Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Wakaan Music Festival. Which was your favorite festival to play and why?

Shlump: Bonnaroo was insane! I played three sets – a silent disco, the b2b with Space Jesus and Eprom, and a solo set. The b2b was one of the craziest sets I have ever been a part of. It was my first time at that festival and I had a blast. Wakaan Music Festival was all around amazing also. Great way to end the festival season.

Festival Squad: Any festivals on your bucket list to perform at?

Shlump: I really wanna play Electric Forest and also really want to play a show at Red Rocks. 

Festival Squad: Who are some of your favorite artists in the scene currently?

Shlump: The whole Wakaan squad, Liquid Stranger, PEEKABOO, G-REX, Hydraulix, Kursa, The Widdler, honestly there is so much good music it’s hard to keep up with.

Festival Squad: What musicians inspired you to produce the music create?

Shlump: Going to my first major electronic festival was pretty impactful (Symbiosis 2009). I remember seeing so much really good electronic music and just wondering how they made it. I was hooked after that experience and just wanted to learn everything I could about how to make these sounds.

Festival Squad: What is it like to be on a record label like Wakaan? How were you approached by Liquid Stranger to be a part of this record label?

Shlump: Liquid Stranger hit me up over the summer of 2016 to do a release with his new label Wakaan. I had never heard of Wakaan, but I was immediately on board to do anything with a legend like him. After sending him a bunch of tunes and working out the grit of the E.P (Like a Drug) he asked me to open up on his tour. It was a huge opportunity for me so I was on board. Martin has always been a homie, since the first time we talked.

Festival Squad: How has touring with LSDREAM been on the Universal Wub Tour? 

Shlump: Tour was absolutely amazing! There were so many amazing shows!

Festival Squad: How did you and LSDREAM come up with the idea to produce UNIVERSAL WUB?

Shlump: We started planing the tour at the beginning of summer 2019. Sami and I scheduled a few days to link up and brainstorm ideas and conceptualize the tour. The “UNIVERSAL WUB” idea almost immediately came to us. We were just joking around on different word plays – we wanted the idea to be kind of funny and not super serious. We ended up writing a bunch of music on those few days that would eventually turn into the UNIVERSAL WUB E.P.

Festival Squad: During your down time, what are some of your favorite activities and hobbies to help you decompress from tour and festival life? I know you skateboard quite frequently.

Shlump: I love having down time because I feel like I can get into a rhythm – like get into a swing. I love skating – I have done that since I was a kid and whenever I have days off I’ll go skate with some friends. I have honestly been spending a lot of my time off in the studio. I’ve been feeling a creative wave since tour ended.

Festival Squad: Any big plans for 2020?

Shlump: Very excited for the tour dates with Liquid Stranger. Also got some exciting festivals and shows coming in, but you’ll have to wait to hear about those

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