Martin Jensen Releases Edit of Kid Cudi’s “Day N’ Nite”

Danish DJ and producer, Martin Jensen, just released his edit of the classic “Day N’ Nite” by Kid Cudi. As someone who first began with the dream of being a lighting designer, he gained recognition as an artist with his release “Solo Dance.” With over 1 billion streams, Jensen was able to tell us more about his growth as an artist, his edit of “Day N’ Nite,” and other artists he admires.

Cheyanne with FS: What connection do you have with Kid Cudi’s track “Day N Nite” and what made you want to edit this track?

Martin Jensen: I’ve played the track for many years and I used to play it back when I was a resident DJ at the club before I was an “artist.” The chance came up, and I got told by Universal—my label in Germany—that there was an opportunity for me to make this track as a new edit. It was a funny thing to do because I’m not really into doing that kind of “cover” stuff usually, but when I could do this as an edit with the vocal delivered by Ben Hamilton, it was close to the original enough to where I could make a new version of “Day N Nite” as I wanted to.

FS: Do you have a strong connection with Kid Cudi?

Martin Jensen: I didn’t personally have a connection apart from this track, but I have of course been checking his discography and history. It’s very impressive!

FS: Before you were an artist, you wanted to work more behind the scenes in design and production—can you tell us about how you transitioned your passion into being an artist?

Martin Jensen: I’m still involved in that day to day with what I do at the Danish festivals and the festivals around the world. I’m in the role of production where we’re still using it. Plus, I love the way of creating something more than just a show; I also want to create something visual, which is what you’re doing with the lighting and stage design. I’m still involved in everything when it comes to a Martin Jensen show.

FS: Where can your fans expect to see you perform this year?

Martin Jensen: The last four years I’ve been all over the globe, traveling a lot, and we just closed a huge deal with a new agency. So, hopefully that is going to get us into even more festivals, taking me to bigger stages and more countries that I haven’t performed in before! So, all over the world!

FS: In addition to your new release, your track “Solo Dance” contributed to the growth of your career with over 500 million streams. Was it this moment in your life that truly changed your vision in music? Or what experience was it that made you realize that this musical journey is full of unlimited opportunities for you?

Martin Jensen: First of all, I actually think “Solo Dance” is close to 900 million streams in total now, it’s a funny thing having a single track with almost 1 billion streams! But the connection with the whole world going from just being a resident DJ over to a DJ playing on stages and performing 60 minutes, 75 minutes doing a show, sometimes I actually like to come back and play like 4/5 hour sets. I’m a DJ, I’ve always been a DJ and I’ve been DJ’ing for 13 years now, and the way to get around it is to still keep that alive. Like, even though I’ve made a special set for a festival, I like to improvise a little on the way, which doesn’t make my lighting engineer and my VJ the happiest, they just have to follow me because I’m paying them [laughs].

FS: In terms of differences, what are the main ones with Martin before “Solo Dance” and Martin after “Solo Dance,” in terms of possibilities?

Martin Jensen: Everything! Like I’m starting a new label now and I have my second merch line coming up. I am having a world tour, which I didn’t have before Solo Dance as well. I have collaborated with guys like Olivia Holt, and made remixes for Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry! There are so many more possibilities when you have done something people like, and, hopefully with all the new music I am releasing now, it’s only going to be bigger and better!

FS: If you could collaborate with any artist right now who would you pick?

Martin Jensen: Taylor Swift! She has the most awesome voice and is the greatest lyricist where she can write anything she wants. And she is just an amazing performer. I have been a fan since “Love Story!”

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